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Healthy Eating

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Stephanie Hua

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Eating

avoiding obesity. Eating on a budget while By: Stephanie Hua 8B Did you know that... Breathing disorders (e.g., sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Certain types of cancers (e.g., prostate and bowel cancer in men, breast and Uterine cancer in women)
Coronary artery (heart) disease
Gallbladder or liver disease
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Joint disease (e.g., osteoarthritis)
Stroke Associated with Obesity Includes: Obesity has increased an awful lot in the past 30 years. The average amount of obese children at the age of 6 - 19 years old has increase by 17% and so have the number of fast food restaurants. The health of these obese children and adults have become very low than what an average person's health should be at. Being obese isn't always a choice to people. Genetics can play a role in obesity as well. Genes most often have control of the persons' appetite and metabolism. Some diseases and illnesses cause weight gain such as the Cushing's disease which causes weight gain in the face, abdomen and upper back. Example of a healthy and inexpensive three meal plan Breakfast Lunch Dinner :) Brown rice - 216 calories Bean chili - 170 calories Beverages Dessert Snacks Frozen fruit smoothie - 130 calories Kale chips - 55 calories Low fat Frozen Yogurt - 140 calories Freshly squeezed orange juice - 165 calories Herbal tea - 2 calories Pictures Whole wheat Pasta with marinara sauce - 244 calories Steamed vegetables - 50 calories Lightly salted scrambled eggs - 80 calories Whole wheat toast - 68 calories Banana - 72 calories Skim Milk - 91 calories Frozen fruit - 60 calories Water - 0 calories Low fat fruit parfaits - 230 calories Low calorie granola bar - 90 calories 1. Plan ahead.
Make sure you schedule meals for the week and to make a shopping list for what you need to buy. By making a shopping list, you can narrow down to what you NEED rather than what you may WANT to buy at the grocery store. 2. Consider no-name brands.
No-name brands are often exactally the same thing than any other brand name companies but cheaper. To check if they are alike, read the nutrition facts to compare the data. Here are 10 ways on how to save money 4. Shop the farmers markets
Farmers markets can be found everywhere with their fresly grown organic fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the produce isn't as expensive as the fruits and vegetables sold in your local grocery store. 6. Use coupons
Using c oupons is a common and simple way to save money. Many coupons can be found from newspapers that you recieve or you can easily access it from your computer. All you need to type in is "grocery store coupons." Coupons aren't just for grocery shopping but for anything, too. Such as, clothing, restaurants etc. 7. Buy from bulk
Food such as, Organic flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, spices and many other snack foods are less expensive and better for the environment if you buy it from bulk. Not only food but cleaning products sometimes are sold in bulk which is cheaper and can last you longer. 8. Grow your own food
By growing your own fruits and vegetables, it saves you money and it's healthy too. 9. Practice cooking creatively.
Leftovers from last night's dinner can play a role in making next day's dinner. For example, if you have pasta the night before, a possibility in making next's days dinner is maybe to use different sauce or seasoning to spice up the recipe a little bit to make it more enjoyable to eat. 10. Eat from leftovers.
Unfinished food from last night's dinner often go to waste but by putting it in the fridge and eating it the next day, can save you a whole lot. US citizens waste an estimate of 30% of food, that's about $48.2 billion dollars of food. :) Night or day eating healthy on budget is everyone's way. Remember... Healthy eating is important in life because...
- It sharpens your brain
- Keeps your immunity strong and healthy
- To maintain energy when you get older
- Reduce risks of health issues, such as
chronic diseases
- Helps people live longer As people get older, they get less capable in absorbing in nutrients from the food people eat, which makes it more important to eat healthy. Additionally, as you age the number of calories people will need to consume will decrease as the number of nutrients people need to consume either stays the same or sometimes even increase depending on the situation. Also, feeding your kids healthier foods can lead to many advantages as they grow. Feeding them healthy foods can help the brain development process. By eating healthier foods, studies have shown that eating less nutrition's can lead to a slower language development and a lower IQ than children who have full servings of nutrition's a day. Breakfast:
Lightly salted scrambled eggs were chosen because it's very healthy for you and supplies you with 11% of the recommended protein you should be getting each day. Also, eggs are very inexpensive at about $1.50 a dozen. Whole wheat toast is good for your body because it contains a lot of iron that helps your red blood cells. Also, the cost of it is around $4.00, if anything you can buy a bag of whole wheat flour and make it yourself. Banana's are a good breakfast option because it is a great source for potassium and can help lower risks of heart disease, sooth ulcers, relieve constipation, and it helps your body to absorb calcium and protect your kidneys. At the cost of 40 cents for one banana, you can be as healthy as can be. Lunch:
Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce is a good source for fiber. Fiber helps lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Each box of whole wheat pasta costs under $2.00 which is a really good deal for healthy pasta. Also, to spice it up you can add some marinara sauce which also is pretty inexpensive also. Vegetables are high in fiber, filled with vitamins and low in calories. Frozen vegetables are much more efficient because it can last in the freezer for several months and cost about 25 cents per serving. Dinner:
Brown rice is very healthy and contains a lot of fiber and provides you with important minerals such as magnesium and zinc. At 40 cents per serving, it can save you a lot of money. Bean's can be bought dry in bulk which makes them more efficient and cheap. In addition to buying from bulk is that you have a large variety to choose from such as black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans and much more. If you don't like buying from bulk, you can always buy them from convenient cans costing only about 50 cents per serving. Snacks/Desserts:
Low fat frozen yogurt can be made with ingredients that you can buy inexpensively. It's fun to make, low in fats and taste delicious as well. Frozen fruit smoothies taste great and are not very expensive either. You can buy frozen fruit at your local grocery store not for much money. Also, fruits that you buy frozen last longer in your fridge than regular fruits you buy from the grocery store. Low fat fruit parfaits are tasteful and inexpensive too. Grocery stores often have coupons or special deals for yogurt (Low fat yogurt) and you can always purchase frozen fruit for a reasonable cost. Together you can make a delicious fruit parfait. Kales chips are very healthy for you and they taste very good too. Very inexpensive, by buying kale, and baking them for about 10-15 minutes, they will be ready to eat. Kale chips are easy to bake and pleasing to eat. Granola bars are inexpensive and delightful to eat as well. By buying granola bars with fruit inside of the bar, it makes the taste more pleasant Beverages:
Water has zero calories and is healthy for your body. Freshly squeezed orange juice is very healthy because it contains all the nutrients, proteins and vitamins an orange has all in a luscious drink. There are different types of herbal tea that you can purchase from the grocery store. Many of these benefit for your overall health. Skim milk is very healthy for you because it contains a lot of proteins, calcium and vitamin C. Many of these helps your bones grow stronger and healthier. Obesity is a medical condition in which extra body fat has increased to the point that may effect body functions and may cause illnesses to form. Thanks for Watching (: 3. Cut down of convenience foods
Cutting your own vegetables or shredding your own cheese doesn't take a lot of work or time. By doing it yourself, you can save a lot of money. Grocery store's often sell pre-prepared vegetables, or shredded cheese, but because they already took the extra step to do that for you it cost's extra money. 5. Shop around at different stores
Shopping around can help you compare prices to find the cheapest one. By comparing the different prices it helps you save money but it might take a little time. Bibliography:






http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/menus/10-healthy-cheap-foods10.htm Eating healthy isn't about losing weight or being skinny. It's about consuming all the nutrients and foods the body needs to survive. In addition, healthy foods don't always have to be super expensive, if you follow the 10 simple tips you can save tons of money in no time! (Black beans, low fat chili) Make sure you stay away from junk foods! .
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