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joselin urquiza

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Fiji

The government of Fiji
About the country/or island?
The name of the island is Fiji, it's continent is Australia. Fijis in the southern and eastern hemisphere.
The capital of Fiji.
The capital of Fiji is Suva it is located
Viti Levu.
The economy of Fiji.
The size of Fiji in square miles.
The population of Fiji
by: Joselin Urquiza

Fiji is about 18,300 square kilometres (7,100 sq mi)
Fiji is about 881,065 in (2013)
Fiji is described as middle-income country and one of the more developed of the Pacific island economies, although it remains a developing country with a large subsistence agriculture sector. In 2012, Fiji's economy grew by 2.5%. For 2013, the Reserve Bank of Fiji officially forecasts a 2.7% growth rate to be driven by the agriculture, manufacturing and the financial intermediation sectors. This growth is expected to be felt broadly across the economy. The year-end 2012 inflation was just below 3 %.
After a general election in February of 1994, the government of Prime Minister Rabuka returned to power. Under this government, the Fiji constitution was reviewed in 1995, which resulted in the signing of a new constitution that took effect in July of 1998 and that was widely accepted by the Fijian people. All major political parties participated in the review process, so the people of Fiji had consulted and agreed upon it. This procedure also assured economic and political stability in the country.
The govermnent of Fiji.
The language of Fiji
Fiji Language is widely spoken and it's a mixture of different dialects. English is a common Language of Fiji and almost everyone speaks English in Fiji Island.
The religion of Fiji
Fiji Religion. A multi-racial, multi-cultural nation, the population of Fiji is made up of significant numbers of followers of all major religions. Visitors will find Christian churches, mosques, and Sikh and Hindu temples throughout the country.
Why should I travel to Fiji or why I shouldn't.
I would like to go to Fiji to see the region and travel there seas and to be able to see new things that I haven't seen before.
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