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The Evolution of Unified Communications

No description

Tim Giles

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of Unified Communications

Cisco Unified Communications Manager
User Management
Cisco CallManager User Pages
Access rights
Bulk Administration Tool

Extension Mobility
Once a user logs in, the phone adopts the user individual user default device profile information, including line numbers, speed dials, services links, and other user-specific properties of a phone.
Call Pickup
Place a call on hold, so it can be retrieved from another phone on the system.
Hunt Groups
Distribute phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone lines
Cisco Unified Contact Center
Integration with Cisco Unified Presence Server
Outbound Interactive Voice Response
Web Chat
Call Recording
High Availability (HA)
Call Routing Capabilities
Workforce Optimization
The Evolution of Cisco Unified Communications
..to Cisco Collaboration
Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM or CME)
Cisco Video Collaboration
Instant Messaging + Presence
Cisco Unified Presence Server (CUPS)
Cisco Unity (CUC or CUE)
Contact Centre
Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express / Enterprise
Quality of Service (QoS)
Ease of deployment and ease of use
Call Recording
Prime Collaboration (provisioning, monitoring, diagnostics, testing and analytics)
Attendant Consoles
Hosted or on-premise solutions
Call Routing
Dialling Permissions
Hunt Groups, Pickup Groups, Park
Music On Hold
User Management
Integration with many Cisco and 3rd party vendor applications
Video Endpoints
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Increase productivity and facilitate faster decision making but determining the availability of your colleagues and reduce communications delays
Instantly exchange messages with colleagues, partners and customers
Group chat, IM logging, IM history
Broadcast Messaging
Call Handlers, Directory Handlers, Interview Handlers
Distribution Lists
Calender and Contact Integration
Sophisticated Call Routing and Contact Management for up to 400 agents
Embedded reporting solution offering a comprehensive view of contact centre statistics at a glance
Voice response capabilities
Multichannel capabilities including management of voice, email, web chat and social media enquiries
Additional Features
Express and Enterprise
Facilitates faster decision making and enhances productivity
See the availability of partners and customers in their organisations and exchange instant messages with them
Availability information and communication capabilities in existing web and business applications.
Enhanced IM capabilities such as g
roup chat, persistant chat, IM logging, IM

Call Park
Allows users to answer calls on a directory number other than their own.
Audio Conferencing
MeetMe Conferencing
WebEx Meeting Center
Cisco Unified MeetingPlace
Cisco Unity
Unity Connection
Unity Express
Messaging.. and more
Voice and Video Messaging
Speech-activated tools to prioritise and manage messages, access meetings from your calender and connect to colleagues by simply saying their names.
Message Delivery
IP phone (Message Waiting Indicator)
Mobile phone
Web browser
E-mail clients
Desktop clients such as Jabber/Lync
Express & Enterprise
UCCX Advanced features
Prioritisation of customer contacts to ensure each contact is routed to the right agent at the right location the first time using routing logic.
Call routing behaviours based on conditional events, such as a specific time of the day or holidays.
Unified Communications
Demo Facility

Telindus UK

Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Internet Information Services
Microsoft Windows 2007 clients
Future Plans...

Microsoft Lync
WebEx Meetings Server
Prime Collaboration (v10)
Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express
Voice Recording (MediaSense)
100% Web Browser based
Performance Metrics
Scheduling or forecast contact center staff
Call Recording
Quality Evaluation Forms
Overview of Cisco Collaboration
The fundamental elements of Cisco Collaboration
Telindus UK's Demo Facility
Sales Opportunities

Cisco Promotions
[Basic Phone Demo]
[Hunt Group Demo]
[Call Pickup & Park Demo]
[Speech Connect Demo]
[Jabber IM Demo]
[Video Demo]
[Basic Voicemail Demo]
Telindus Cloud
Portable Demo Facility
Additional Services
Drive to 9
Customers with Unified Communications Software Subscription (UCSS) can obtain 9.1 (or higher) licenses at no cost.
Cisco Collaboration Breakaway PLUS
Up to 22% incremental discount
Product, Services and training discounts
Last date for registration is January 25th 2014
EoL and EoS of CUCM software and hardware is the driver..
[Final Demo]
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