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Ted Rogers

Entrepreneur Presentation

ian mcdonell

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Ted Rogers

Edward Samuel Rogers Jr. Bio Born: May 27th 1933 in Toronto Ontario
Died: December 2nd 2008 (75)
-Married to Lorretta Anne Robinson
-4 Children: Lisa, Edward, Melinda, Martha.
-Rogers Communications

-Founded by Ted Rogers in 1960 as an FM radio station (CHFI)
-Established as Rogers Communications in 1967
-Now is one of Canada's largest media conglomerates
-Today provides internet services
-Cables services
-Rogers Wireless
-Rogers Media
-Rogers Home Monitoring
-Publishing Based in Toronto Ontario Education -Upper Canada College -Graduated from The University of Toronto
-Bachelor of Arts
-Member of the Sigma Chi fraternity Osgood Hall Law School Rogers
- 1.5 Billion in profits
-12.5 Billion in sales
(This Year) Employs close to 28,745 people Ted Donated $15 Million to Ryerson University towards scholarships and to fund the Ted Rogers School of Management Company Education Philanthropy BIO Problems the Company has Faced

- The main challenge that Rogers faces is its competition with companies such as Bell, and Telus. The End Owns: Ted Rogers Awards and Recognitions

-In 2006 Ted Rogers was inducted into the Canada's Telecommunications Hall of Fame

-A section of Jarvis St. in Toronto which runs next to the Rogers Communications headquarters was renamed Ted Rogers Way in his honour. -Ted was a very succeful buisness leader
-His title was President and Ceo Of Rogers Communications
-Also the Founder
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