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Contemporary Dance

No description

Tessa Brich

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Contemporary Dance

(Pellecchia, DeAnna to perform with PGK Project)
(Dance Base, Elements Of Loie Fuller )
Art Nouveau

*Women had more freedoms, less scrutiny and the right to vote
*Many choreographers used this social issue to theme their dances, and helped the movement
Harlem Renaissance
*African-American Cultural expressions.
*Inspired African-American dance styles
*Choreographers chose to break away from many aspects of established dance.
World War 1
*The whole world was changing, countries were having revolutions and people were changing how they thought about the world.
*Many dancers struggled during this time period and found new ways to bring dance to the public eye.
Loie Fuller
* Known for her inventive costume design
*Made huge discoveries by experimenting with Lighting effects
*1896,"Fire Dance" premiered as a solo
*1902, Met and trained under Fuller
*Known for her solar-Plex Philosophy
*Used free movement style
*Defied political/sexual norms
*Believed in the ethical virtue of art
Isadora Duncan
(umetnost, ISADORA DUNCAN)
*Combination of different media
*Impacted the way choreographers thought about performances
Film & Movies
*Brought Dance to the general public.
*Helped make pop-culture a lucrative national product for the U.S.
*Dancers appeared in many films, spreading the popularity of modern dance.
*1896, First public exhibition of a projected motion picture.
Denishawn School of Dance
*Founded in 1915 by Ruth St. Denis and her husband, Ted Shawn.
*Systematically promoted non balletic dance movement.
Ruth St. Denis
*Used religious and cultural themes in her choreography .
*Developed a spiritual philosophy.
*1905, began her career as a solo artist.

(Denishawn Collection/The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Ruth St. Denis in Radha)
Sergei Diaghilev
Ballet Russes
*Promoted ground-breaking artistic collaborations among choreographers, composers, designers, and dancers.
*Debut in Paris in 1909.
(légales , Les Ballets russes de Diaghilev, 1909-1929)
*Brought male dancers to ballet
*Brought ballet to the West
*1909, launched the Ballets Russes
*With the Ballet Russes - He combined great music, painting, and drama with new types of choreography to form a dance company unlike any seen before.
( Britannica Online for Kids. , Sergei Diaghilev)
Mary Wigman
*Studied under Laban
*1931, a Wigman school of dance was established in New York city.
*Used the philosophy of absolute dance
*Taught Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Her students established the first school of modern dance in Slovenia
Second Generation Denishawn students

Charles Weidman
Hanya Holm
Martha Graham
Women's civil rights
*German modernist movement.
*Art & architectural movement-incorporating different media.
*Choreographers took as inspiration the architectonic cubical stage space.
*Bauhuas dancers were to be perceived as figures symbolizing the potential of new technology while remaining primarily an exploration of the human element.
Doris Humphry
*Studied at Denishawn school of dance
*1928, Left Denishawn.
*Taught a combination of gymnastics and ballroom.
*Explored nuances of the human body's responses to gravity.
*Inspired dance with her intricacies of large groups and emphasis on sculptural shapes .
*1945, Retired
Dance Magazines
*1927, first publication, under the title "The American Dancer"
*Brought aspects of dance to the attention of the reader.
*Help spread new dance trends
*Made choreographers and dancers more well known.
Big Band Era
*Big Bands played a major role in lifting moral during WWII
*The dance of the 40's which evolved out of the Lindy Hop of the 30's was called the Jitterbug and then later known as the West Coast Swing
Black dancers and choreographers had more freedom to express them selves.
First Domestic Jet-airline passenger service
*Dancers' could travel easier and faster around the world.
*Dance companies toured more frequently.
Segregation made Illegal
World War 2
*Jewish dancers and choreographers were forced to flee Germany; many migrated to the U.S.
*The theme of war took a popular role in the development of pop music
*Changes in music correlated to the evolution of dances
Dance Explosion
*Choreographers and visual artist formed a new bond, collaborating and influencing each other
*1962, Judson Dance theater was founded; a collective workshop where artists of all types choreographed
"Post modern" dance
Choreographers question the historical "truths" and ideological principals that rule over society.

*Fast paced music
*Romantic & acrobatic couple dancing
*Line dancing
*Represented anti war themes and moral issues in his choreography
*Used narratives and modern theater style.
*Studied under Laban
*1932, presented his best known work "The Green Table" in Paris.
Kurt Jooss
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*Studied at Denishawn school of dance
*Explored the new aesthetic
*Expressed serious humanistic concerns as well as his humor and wit in his choreography
*1928, He founded the Humphrey-Weidman Studio and Company in New York
*Studied at the Denishawn school of dance from 1916-1926.
*Developed the Philosophy that physical expression is the equivalent to spiritual & emotional undercurrents.
*Developed the Del Sartean principal of tension & relaxation.
*Studied under Laban and Wigman
*Developed Universal principals of physics for motion.
*Held the first American dance festival
*Was the first to preform a full modern dance composition on T.V.
*1948, She was the first person to have her choreography copyrighted.
(Renger, Mary Wigman)
Rudolf Laban
*Studied the Ausdruckstanz style.
*Taught Spacial Dynamic.
*Established the choreographic institute.
*Developed the art of movement choir.
*1928, his publication of Kinetography "Labanotation"(a dance notation).
(annahoetjes , Rudolf von Laban)
Lester , Master Instructor in American Modern Dance)
*Experimented with new dance forms to express technique and philosophy.
*Brought forth serious Western dance.
(Dance Division, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Charles Weidman)
(Women with Style, Lamentation)
*African American dancer
*Taught and studied isolation of the limbs and polyrhythmic movements.
*Taught a blend of African and Caribbean movements.
*1933, Open her first dance school .
Katherine Dunham
Lester Horton
*1946, established a dance theater in L.A.; the first U.S. preforming space devoted exclusively to dance.
*Used Native American folk dance, Japanese arm gestures, Javanese and Balinese isolation's in his choreography.
*Developed a whole body emphasis technique.
*conceptual style
*Diverse movements
*1959, First Butoh piece "Kinjiki" premiered
Contemporary Dance
*Utilizes both the strong and controlled leg work of ballet and modern dance's stress on the torso
*Dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements
Hip Hop
*Street based dance
*Brought forth a new style of dance that had no written boundaries
*MTV helped spread these dance moves all over the U.S.
*People wanted to create their own style and be known as individuals.
Performance art
*A way of appealing directly to a large public group
*An attempt to revolutionize culture
*A part of the Dada movement; touted by it's proponents as anti-art or going against artistic norms
*Changed the way choreographers looked at dance.
"New Dance"
*A British dance movement
*An attitude rather than a way of working
*Dance was expected to make people aware of social and political issues
Dance Technology
*1998, Motion capture technology integrated with dance performance
*Technology can help some student understand a move that they should be mastering in dance class
*The use of technology has allowed dancers to be more dramatic with their movements; through customizing music, scenery ans lighting
George Balanchine
*Worked with Diaghilev as a choreographer and then ballet master.
*Known as the "father of ballet".
*1948, Formed the ballet society, which became the New York City Ballet
Helen Tamiris
*Known for her American themed works and Negro spirituals.
*1945-1957, Choreographed for musical plays
Merce Cunningham
*Studied under Graham
*Known for American avant-garde
*1953, Formed the Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Paul Taylor
*1954, assembled first small company of dancers
*1955, Joined Martha Graham Company
*1956, First choreographed triumph "3 Epitaphs"
Simone Forti
*Studied under Graham
*Used the body as a means of self-expression
*1968, preformed in Rome
*Known for naturalness and inevitability
Pina Bausch
*1955, Studied under Jooss
*1960, Was excepted to Julliard
*1978, Best work "Cafe Muller"
Alvin Ailey
*African-American choreographer & Activist
*1958, Formed his own dance group
*1962, First over seas tour
Micheal Bennett
*1961, Began career as a Broadway dancer
*1966, Choreography debut with A Joyful Noise
*1968, First choreographic success "Promises,Promises"
Laura Dean
*1966, First solo
*Known for her minimalistic style and spinning
*1972, Opened her first dance company
William Forsythe
*1976, Named resident choreographer in the Stuttgart Ballet
*1984, Began a 20yr. tenure as director of the Ballet Frankfurt
*1994, Virtually reinvented the teaching of dance with his pioneering and award winning computer application "Improvisation Technologies"
Shen Wei
*Founder and artistic director of Shen Wei Dance Co.
*His dances stylize steps & gestures inspired by Western dance traditions
*1991, Became founding member, dancer & choreographer of the Gaungdong modern dance company
*1995, Was approached to present his work by the American Dance Festival
Mark Morris
*Influenced by Balanchine & Cunningham
*1980, Formed the Mark Morris Dance Group
*Is known as the Mozart of Modern dance
Ohad Naharin
*Began dancing at 22years old
*1975, Studied with Martha Graham at Julliard
*1980, Choreographed and presented his first dances
Lucinda Childs
*Used minimalistic movements & complex transitions
*Known for her Conceptual dance style
*1973, The Lucinda Dance Company
*Since 1992, Work is specifically in Opera
(Frenkel, Hanya Holm)
(Newbrough , Kurt Jooss)
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(Tileston, Lucinda Childs Dance Copmany)
Twyla Tharp
*1980, First appeared on Broadway
*1985, Staging of "Singing in the Rain" played at the Gershwin
*1993, Inducted into the Academy of Achievements
(Michelle, Why I care...)
(Johnson, Shen Wei)
(London Dance, William Forsythe in "Slow Dancing")
(Greenfield, Laura Dean)
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Contemporary Dance, World Affairs, Trends & Fads
My area of focus in this timeline was who or what was impacting the time period in noticeable ways.
My criteria was:
1. Large impact on the dance world
2. Social change agent
3.Large impact on peoples lives

My Contemporary Dance timeline
By Tessa Brich
Summer 2013

Sources Continued
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