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Automated Group Quotation

The process of automating how a group will get a quote online by just filling out a form.

Julian Friggieri

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Automated Group Quotation

How does our Process Work?
The customer creates an account on the website or Logs in

Selects the Group Booking tab

Fills out the form with all the required fields & agrees with to the terms and conditions

KM receive an email from ICON and process the form information automatically within 5 minutes

The request is saved on an Excel Database and on GM under the specific station

The customer will receive an email with the dates, prices and flight details & conditions
What are our competitors doing?
What fields are required?
Automated Group Quotation
What is our Objective?
Our objective is to add website functionality for group travel. This enables a user to submit a request online, and receive a quotation within a specified time via email.
Advantages of System ...
New Web Form Design
New Email Templates
Upcoming Challenges
easyJet allows any users to book up to 40 people from their website on their booking form. If there is the need to book more, the customer is advised to send an email.
To make a group booking of more than 25 people:

create an account and fill out the form
receive an email with a link to a personalized portal with your requests and details.
A few hours later another email is sent with a link to inform you that your quotation has been updated.
For groups larger than 8 people one can fill out the specific group travel form and click submit. Within 24 hours the customer receives an email with flight, baggage allowance and price details.
For Group Bookings of more than 25 people:

On the Ryanair Website select the Groups tab and Submit a Request
Fill in the Online Form with your details and Flight Numbers which are found from the booking form.
After some time the customer will receive an email confirming flight availability and price.

Replies are sent much quicker
More information available before booking a trip
Easily accessible and straightforward


Less liable for client errors
Configuration Customizable
Cost Efficient
The script needs to be checked again in order to make it more efficient and smoother to run.

Web Form logic and restrictions on fields such as applicable departure and arrival dates.
Interesting Additions
Check flight availability while form is being filled.

Group Web form redirection from multiple points such as a 10+ option from main IBE form.

An automated Passenger Name Record (PNR) system where the client inputs the group members.

Multiple Languages and Currencies could be incorporated.

Further Flexibility options such as morning or night flights, later or prior departure arrival dates.
Group Name,
Return/One Way/ Multi-city,
Flexibility Option,
Seats (adults, children & infants)
Email Address,
Preferred language for quotation
Additional Services

There are three main Email Templates;
Group Offer Only
Group Offer with Instant Purchase
which are split into OneWay and Return/Multicity Templates and the
Error Adviser
which is sent when the flight is either fully booked or doesn't exist.
Limitations of System ...
Limited to about 350 quotes per day

Multiple requests will be processed from a queue

Point to Point flights only can be considered as multi seg flights will be processed manually.

Cannot request flight number
Reference will correspond to the login profile name and surname.
Form details received are displayed to confirm their correctness.
The Flight ID is displayed for future booking reference.
The quote consists of the flight details, prices and conditions.
Process of booking is yet to be determined if by mail, call or address.
Email terms and conditions are to be determined.
Promotional Material to be issued corresponding to the user profile details.
Instant Purchase Quote is only shown when the % discount between the MAV and the Base Fare is beteen 12% and 35%.IP is offered if request is more than 30 days before first departue.

Added Taxes to instant purchase are equivalent to Base Fare.

Percentage is determined by the equation:
(Total Fare - (MAV + Tax) / Total Fare*100

Conditions related to Instant Purchase are still to be determined and applied.
Video could be found on the server: COMMONCommercialUsers (\\kmsrv1\Departments\Commercial\Common)

Under the file destination:
\Commercial Strategy & Action Plan\GroupsAutomation
If there are no flights or no seats available once the form is processed, the client will receive the following email stating the error given.

The Client can also see the online flight schedule by clicking on the link provided and try to submit another form using different dates.

... More Email Templates
... Continued Process

If the customer asks for a Negotiation, Sales will negotiate through GM/RM and send a counter offer

If the customer contacts sales and accepts the offer and decides whether to choose the Instant Purchase or the Group Offer and selects the desired trip/s, Sales will send a contract

As long as the contract is excepted by the client, Sales will make the booking and monitor the group conditions and time limits

If the customer does not contact Sales until the expiry date the offer will be withdrawn
Group Conditions
Short Clip of how the system works ...
Full transcript