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katelyn holliday

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of crusades

AIM: what was the goal of the crusades ?
The crusades
judaism: spiritul homeland of the jews. also the sight of the western wall which was the last remaining part of king Solomon,s temple.
The Holy Land > Jerusalem
Christianity: Jesus spent a lot of time there spreading the word of god .
III.) Long Team Effects
islam: the home of the dome or the rock where it is believed that Muhammad ascended into heaven.
DO NOW : what do you thank ended the ages ?explain
arrange the timeline in order .
I.) Jerusalem-the Holy Land
1.) Judaism.christianity & islam
II.) The crusades
1.)christians wanted to reclaim the land from islam
2.) Holy war between christians & muslims.
3.) Results
A.) only the 1st crusade was successful.
B.) Saladin_ muslim ruler who took back the holy land.
1.)Expanded contact with the outside world.
A.) increased trade & exploration
2.) Ended feudalism.
3.) Increased hatred between religions.
4.)loss of crusades leads in the popes power.
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