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Solar Energy

No description

Emily Baxter

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Solar Energy

Solar power is a renewable energy source that is harnessed from the power of the sun with the use of solar cells, usually in the form of panels.
Why is Solar Power Important?
Negative Aspects of Solar Energy
Short Term:
Expensive instillation
Long Term:
Expensive to maintain
Will require repair, which is expensive.
Who Does Solar Energy Directly Effect?
With the development of enough solar panels to sustain the country, the US would no longer depend on oil producing countries which therefore stand to lose profit from American business.

On the contrary, solar panel manufacturers and installers would benefit greatly, as well as the earth
The Reality
Solar Energy
Emily Baxter
Brendan Reilly
Positive Aspects of Solar Energy
Solar Energy
What is Solar Energy, and How Does it Work?
Solar power is important because it is:
clean (does not cause air or water pollution)
unlimited in the ways it can be used.
Short Term:
Immediately eliminates dependency on foreign oil
Long Term:
Cleaner than oil
Reduces dependency on fossil fuels in general
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