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Our journey throughout exhibition

This prezi shows what we did the whole exhibition and how we followed the inquiry cycle. This prezi represents all our hard work and learning so hope you enjoy it :)

cco jr

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Our journey throughout exhibition

CCO Jr. Our inquiry cycle: Tuning In Reflection For our tuning in, we made a spider web chart on our prior knowledge on global warming. We focused mainly on what is global warming and what we know about it. Then we made another chart on articles about global warming. First we pasted some articles on our topic and then described them carefully. For our finding out, first we made some concept based questions for our inquiry and we did a research on the causes and effects of global warming which was presented individually. We also visited the sector 11 lake for a field trip for further inquiry and did a follow up. Finding out Going Further Throughout this exhibition, we have developed most of the IB profiles, attitudes and skills. Even though we faced some challenges for the Hartal, we overcame it through Edmodo. We have developed cooperation and independence the most because working without the teachers is a very big deal and we have done that properly. Without the cooperation between our members we couldn't have finished our exhibition and done our work properly. Central Idea: Cooperation plays a vital role in reducing global warming. Lines Of Inquiry: causes and effects of global warming
structure and function of organizations in reducing global warming.
our responsibility in reducing global warming Making Connection For the making connection, we did subject works related to our exhibition topic. For English, we made poems for global warming and read articles on it. For bangla, we comprehended articles and made charts. We also made editorial letters. For maths, we made bar graphs on the causes and effects of global warming. Our learning from tuning in From the tuning in, we learned that global warming is when the earth heats up (the temperature rises) for the greenhouse gases (CO2, nitrous oxide, methane) that traps heat in earth's atmosphere. Our learning from finding out From the finding out, we learned the causes and effects of global warming. Some of the main reasons are: pollution, population, factories, deforestation, vehicles etc. And some of the effects are: sea level rise, droughts, natural disasters, cold waves/heat waves, animal extinction etc Our learning from making connection From the making connection we got an idea of the carbon emissions through the pie charts and bar graph. From the editorial letter we got an idea of the causes and effects of global warming in Bangladesh. Our learning from going further From going further, we got to know that some people think that global warming is a big issue for which they already started taking some action. They think that it's a high point of taking action now and it is important too because global warming can destroy Earth and our life. From the movie we learned how global warming is increasing years to years and that people should be aware of this fact that if global warming continues, we will all die. Sorting Out For the sorting out ,we did a research on different organizations working for global warming and presented through a peer work. After that presentation we made a booklet individually on the function and structure of the organizations in reducing global warming. We have done a small research on our responsibilities in reducing global warming and made a small model on greenhouse which was presented as a group. Our learning from sorting out From sorting out, we have learned about the organizations working to eradicate global warming. These organizations work locally and globally such as:- EPA, UNEP and Greenpeace. We also learned about their function, which means what they contribute for reducing global warming. We learned the ways we can stop global warming like using green energy, using fluorescent bulbs, buying organic food, eating more veggies, using more public transport, plugging off electronics when not needed, reuse reduce and recycle and obviously planting trees etc. For our going further, we have done an interview for Rita miss and Sadia miss to know their perspective about global warming and reducing it. We also made a chart based on that where we wrote each of their answer separately. We also watched a movie named 'An Inconvenient Truth' after which we did a follow up. and made a chart too. Taking Action For our taking action, we made some posters and banners to create awareness program. We had a small bake sale for grade III and IV and sold some coloring pages to earn money. We earned more than Tk.5000 and planted some trees with them in our building and Gazipur. All of us individually planted some trees in our house as well. We also talked to some people about the importance of trees and our climate and inspired them about planting more trees so that they can actually save the environment with cooperation. Our reflection from taking action As we planted trees, we think that the village people will take care of it as it will bear fruits and give advantage. And the village people were very happy about us children planting trees. We also felt proud of ourselves and we hope by seeing us, other people take some action too to eradicate global warming. In the village we saw how global warming soaked up the water of lakes and how village people are suffering for that, for further taking action we will think of doing something about that. PYP Exhibition 2012-13 Theme: How we organize ourselves Main central idea: Cooperation brings change in community Introduction:
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