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Making a fun password you can remember lesson

No description

carlo mastrandrea

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Making a fun password you can remember lesson

Rules for creating passwords
Rule 2
Rule 3
Rule 4
Making a fun password you can remember
Passwords are there to protect you
The lock is your account on a website and the key is your password. Passwords protect you from people accessing your personal information. Passwords should never be shared.
"Most students share their passwords because they are hard to remember, and it helps to have a friend to help you.”
Diana Garber,
Co-founder of CyberWise.
Also known as . . .
Rule 1
Never use personal information. Any part of your name, birthday, phone number, Social Security number, or similar information of your loved ones are all bad choices.

Something Better?
Good Password
Don’t use a word found in a dictionary.  These passwords are easy for hackers to figure out using an electronic dictionary.
Avoid sequential patterns.
The 8/4 Rule:
Use 8 characters minimum.
Use 4 types of characters.
Let's try to create one
using a something familiar. Example: A person from history.
Abraham Lincoln
Can we make it better?
Selena Gomez
Barack Obama
Walking Dead
Harry Potter
One Direction
The Big Bang Theory
Kelly Clarkson
Black Eyes Peas
The Hunger Games
Anne Frank
Game of Thrones
Martin Luther King Jr
Charlotte's Web
Call of Duty
Taylor Swift
Panic! at the Disco
NY Giants / Jets
Optimus Prime
Thomas Edison
Let's play a game. Take 5 minutes. Choose one and make a password
Better Password
What makes a password good?
Is this a good password?
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