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Infosys: Strategic Human Resource Management

HRM practices

Nailya Khakimullina

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Infosys: Strategic Human Resource Management

Infosys : facing problems and solutions Outline:
Problems since establishment
Overcoming these problems
Problems that might be in the future
•Small launching company
•6 employees
•Small start-up budget
•Heyday of socialism in India, bureaucracy, restrictions on sales offices outside India
•Problems with getting B1 (business) visa to USA Problems since establishment: •1986 one client served
•Redoubling on efforts
•1991- Liberalization in India,
opened a new window for dramatic success
and expansion of competitors.
•Getting high turnover rate Overcoming the problems •Economic liberalization of Indian government 1991
•Opportunity to open offices abroad, and hire foreign consultants
•Average salary for employees was on 10-15% higher in comparison with others Indian companies
•Offshoring- sending Indian ITs abroad, quality and process-based in approach to software development •Win- win philosophy (Infosys was focused on lower end solutions and moved to higher-end services, lower cost, and expanding geography)
•Getting brand equity and brand awareness
Overcoming problems in terms of HR strategies
•Strategic planning- to bring the company to the “global market”
•Mutual commitment towards company and outwards to the employees
•Employee safety and health- HALE, employees health checkups, yoga classes, stress audits
• “Life beyond work”- hobby, sport clubs, intellectual debates, voluntary work.
• “C-LIFE”- articulated core values, customer delight, Leadership by example (sessions, recruitment and hiring)
• Managing scale- 2 induction programs for fresher and professionals
Problems that might appear in the future Employees dissatisfaction:
Variable pay: company performance,
unit performance, individual performance
Broad- Banding: deviding employees on 7 bands
Promotion policy: additional to individual performance and abilities, needs of the organization on opening new additional vacancy
Promotion policy is strict. Causes Best and qualified employees can leave "Infosys" without any fears and regrets, if HRM strategies is not fixed. Recommendations 1) Improve communication in all layers
employee to employee, MNGT to employee 2) set a clear appraising system 3) employee recognition program: monetary and non-monetary 4) merit- based promotion : not only sole basis, but also team basis. Thank you for ...
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