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R.J. Lauture F8 Mexico

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of R.J. Lauture F8 Mexico

Mexican Traditional Music
By: RJ Lauture
The Constitutional Federal Presidential Republic, Mexico, located in North America, is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific ocean. It also consist of woodlands and forest. Mexico even has a volcano called Volcan Citlaltepetl.
Traditional Music
The traditional music of Mexico is made up of brass, string, wind and percussion. The traditional music of Mexico sometimes has a clothing and a dance. In America there is not. Also, the traditional music of Mexico is made for entertainment but in America it is about being patriots for our country. Lastly, the traditional music of Mexico has no lyrics unlike the slow American traditional songs. The only thing the have in common are the instraments.
Instruments Used
3 Musicians
Jose Jose Feb 17,1948 Puerto Rico

Luis Miguel April 19,1970 Puerto Rico

Juan Gabriel January 7,1950 Puerto Rico
The Purpose of the Music
The function of music in Mexico is traditional. The traditional music of Mexico is mainly for holidays. It usually is for bringing people together.
3 Stages
A Mexican stage where you can hear mucisians play is ' Auditorio Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez ' another is Domo Denla Feria and a third one is El Foro
Mexican Music R.J Lauture F8
Sample and Umbrella
Timbre----------Happy, Fun
By: R.J Lauture F8
French horns
As you may see Mexican music usually brings people together.
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