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Ahmed Reda

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Candidature for
IFMSA Training Support Division Director

The Team
General Assistant
Development Assistant
Publications Assistant
Fund-Raising Assistant
Structure and Management
Structure (Database, Resource Center, IOGs)
External Representation
Support (Trainers, NMOs, other TOs)
Sustainability and Evaluation
IFMSA Meetings - Training
IFMSA General Assemblies
IFMSA Regional Meetings
TNTs (Training New Trainers)
TOTs (Training Old Trainers)
As a TO member
Supporting other TO members
in Training Related Subjects
Maintain Open
Communication Channels
with the IFMSA TO
Serving the IFMSA Vision
and Mission
Ahmed Reda
IFMSA Training Support Division Director's Assistant 2012-2013
IFMSA-Egypt Training Support Division Director 2012-2013
TNT Trainer (February 2012, Egypt)
TOT Trainer (January 2013, EMR Meeting, Tunisia)
Attended AM2012, Mumbai, India
Training Coordinator
PreEMR + EMR (Tunisia, Jan 2013)
PreEuRegMe + EuRegMe (Italy, April 2013)
PreAM2013 + AM2013 (Chile, August 2013)

Training is the backbone of IFMSA
Thank you for your attention ...
Plan of Action
To build a strong TSD which helps in the IFMSA new strategy, my plan of action divides into 3 main categories working together as gears cycle to serve a one vision
TSD is a capacity building division which counts mainly on the trainers and the team, thus I will work mainly on a team consists of
Quantity Vs Quality
Being an IFMSA trainer changed
my life beyond the IFMSA work
and I am sure that this is the
time to exert all my efforts
to build a strong TSD, share
in its achievements and lead
the change we need ...
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