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Globalization 3.0

Systems in Organizations class at University of San Francisco Dr. Ryan Wright

Ryan Wright

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Globalization 3.0

"The global economic playing field
is being leveled"

Nandan Nilekani
Infosys Technologies ltd. Co. Edwin Drake: Aug. 27, 1858 Eli Whitney, 1794 10 Enablers of Globalization 3.0 #1: Fall of the Berlin Wall - Nov. 9, 1989
- Fall of Communism #2: Netscape Browser #3: Work Flow Software - Communicate worldwide
- XML: Applications can talk
- Information sharing
- Fueled commerce #4: Uploading - Participation on the Web - Aug. 1995
- First Main Stream Browser
- Consumer Access to the WWW #5: Outsourcing - Possible become of cheap telecom
- 24 Hr. Software Cycle #6: Offshoring - Setup entire factories
- Mass Production
- Low Costs #7: Supply Chaining - Integrations of:
1) Retailers
2) Suppliers
3) Customers

Wal*Mart #8: In-Sourcing - Delegation of company's

UPS #9: In-Forming - Individuals have access to data
Mass. Open checkbook #10: Steriods - Supporting Technologies Challenges in Operating in a Digital World Governmental - Political Systems
- Regulatory
- Standards


Internet Access Case Study: India - Demographic Cultural Challenges - National Cultures
- Cultural Barriers Fueling Globalization Through
Information Systems Ryan Wright University of Massachusetts Undergraduate degrees in
engineering (2012)

China 195,354
India 129,000
Japan 103,440
Russia 82,409
U.S. 60,914 Typical monthly salaries:

Chip designer: $1,200 in India, $7,000 in the U.S.

Info-tech support: $600 in India, $10,000 (up to) in the U.S.

Financial analyst: $1,200 in India, $7,000+ in the U.S.

Accountant: $350 in the Philippines $5,000+ in the U.S.
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