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Emily Dodgion

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Clackamas Middle College
... I Am College...
CMC provides an innovative and challenging personalized
education that prepares students socially and academically
for college and career-related programs.

Graduating With Associates Degree
College Prep Program

Pathways Teachers
Pathways 1: Sue Pesznecker- Writing 121 and Ben Byers- Public Speaking - COMM-111
Pathways 2: Sue Pesznecker- Writing 122 and Ernesto - Spanish 101.
Pathways 3: Veronica Short- Spanish-102
and John Jarvi- History-203

Students Should be able to Demonstrate...
College Ready Skills Include:
Time management
Communication with peers, Instructors, Staff, etc.
1. Every student feels emotionally and academically safe and is a part of n accepting school culture.
2. Every student progresses academically toward college and career-related opportunities thought the
year systematically.
(High School)

Mrs. Andrews- Biology/ Health
Ameena Amadahl-Mason- Math
Amy Bishop- Science
Victor Castorini- Language Arts , Math, YTA
Ryan DeGregorio- R.E.A.C.H(Social Studies)
Alana Jevert- Glover- Language Arts

Virtual Tour
Free Tutoring
Harmony CCC Campus OIT Building
Virtual Tour
College Extended Option (CEO Program)
Student Progress and Tracking
Midterm progress reports.
Mandatory meetings with counselor.

Financial Support
$800 a term for classes, anything more must come out of your pocket.
Book Stipend (What is is again?)
How to Get Into Pathways (The Process)
Show College Ready Skills
Get Recommended by Your Adviser
Have good grades and attendance
Get nominated by teachers
(25 kids per term)
Fill out College Application
Attend Interview with CCC faculty

General Communication
Online Classes
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