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Environmental Technology

No description

Tess Harris

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Environmental Technology

Power obtained energy from the wind
Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is energy that is obtained from non exhaustible resources
ex. Solar, wind, hydro power and ocean energy
Waste Management
Wind Power
Environmental Technology
How does it work?
What are some problems that could be encountered?
Energy requirements
Benefits of desalination
Sweden recycles waste for gas , heat, raw materials, or new products.
Compared to other fuels it is cheap.
99% of Sweden's waste is recycled.
Alexandre Edmond Becquerel
French Scientist
Main interest: electricity, magnetism, optics and solar spectrum
Credited in 1839
So How Does It Work?
Solar panels are made of solar cells
Device tat turns sunlight to electricity
Sweden's Revolution
Government started trying to recycle in 1975.
Recycling centers
Companies are starting to follow the government like H&M and Otibag
Cities in Sweden have also been on the pursuit.
Pros V Cons
Supply is free
Easy to maintain
Helps creates jobs
Saves $
Installation is expensive
least reliable
need large amount of surface area
Created by Wind Turbines
Incinerator Plants
How does it work?
1. Waste is put into an incinerator chamber
2. Waste produces heat
3. steam from water rises and turns a turbine
4. Turbine produces electricity
5. Electricity is transfered to a local grid
6. Ash is sorted through
7. Gas is collected
Future of Solar Tech.
Due to little investment and high cost this technology hasn't moved despite the need for sustainable energy
Mechanical power turns into electricity
Wind creates mechanical power
What are wind turbines made of?
a rotor
electric generator
speed control system
a tower
Places like the US do not like this idea
Recycling vs Downcycling
Recycling creates waste and emissions
Short video on how wind turbines work: Start :32 End :59
What are GMOs?
Genetically Modified Organisms whose genetics are altered for human purposes
What one would you rather deal with?
Renewable source
Non polluting
Not always wind
Cant store electricity from wind
What's its purpose?
Over 80% of all GMOs grown worldwide are engineered for herbicide tolerance.
Pros & Cons
How do they affect us?
Article on 1st human death caused by GMOs
tomato ingested contained fish-related allergens and antibiotic resistant genes.

Don't think that's bad enough?
Includes traits of plants, animals, bacteria, and viral genes.
Is this what we want?
Non-GMO Project
Non profit organization
Their mission is to share awareness of GMOs
Tastes great!
No economic value
Environmental damage
Growth in allergic reactions
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