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My ePortfolio

No description

Cora Sum

on 23 October 2017

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Transcript of My ePortfolio

My ePortfolio
My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning
Learning is not just confined in the classroom
Learning can occur through play, interaction between peers, exploration, students' leaderships, team work, self-drive
I put every diverse student's needs as a priority
I create a "child-centred learning enviornment"
I am attentive to each individual student's learning styles
My role as an educator: facilitate students' process in learning and to scaffold them to reach their potential
Use differentiated instruction for different types of learner
About Cora Sum
Grade 3/4 and P/J Special Education Teacher Candidiate
at H.G. Bernard Public School (Sept 2011-May 2012)
Demonstrated to a class of grade 3/4 students how to make a flower holder using ceramic clay for Mother's day
Infant/Toddler Program Volunteer
at Ontario Early Years Center
(Sept 2010-April 2011)
Built a sense of community in the Jane/Finch neighbourhood
Worked collaboratively with a supervisor and the staffs
Ensured an inclusive environment for all children and parents
Infant/Toddler Program Volunteer
at Ontario Early Years Center
(Sept 2010-April 2011)
Modeled purposeful plays for young children who are 1.5-5 years old
Taught toddlers self-help skills: toileting, eating, dressing
Art station: allowed children to freely express their creativity
Role play area: guided children in learning through modeling roles
Fine motor station: children manipulated play-doh to develop coordination
Descriptions & Photos of My Experience Working with Children
After-School Kindergarten Program Assistant
at Coledale YMCA Child Care Center (Sept 2008-Feb 2009)
Guided preschool children's learning through play and exploration
Ensured a safe and energetic learning environment
Students were learning through discovery and inquiry
Full-Day Kindergarten Teacher Candidate
at H.G. Bernard Public School (Sept 2013-May 2014)
In full-day kindergarten class, I set up different play-based learning centers with the theme "plant growth" (ex: writing, printing, art, lego, etc.)
Students are learning through inquiring, questioning, discovering, observing, and making real-life applications
Kindergarten Tutor in the Classroom
at H.G. Bernard Public School (Oct 2012-June 2013)
In a class of kindergartens, students were encouraged to build a habit of reading and writing
Set up educational and interesting activities in each center
Reference Letters & Mentor Evaluations
What teaching and learning means to me
Personal Learning Development & Leadership in Communities
May - June 2010 ~ MyExplore Exchange Program at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Discovered Quebec's culture
Immersed in speaking and listening to French
Stayed with a french-speaking host family
Nov 2012 - Teaching Self-Advocacy Workshop at York University
Held a workshop promoting "self-advocacy skills to young children" for a class of educators
Made an online resource kit website: www.teachingselfadvocacy.wordpress.com
Collaboratively made a quilt to represent what "Self-advocacy" means
E-mail: cora.sum@gmail.com
Cellphone: 425-219-6324

Please zoom in and move around with your mouse to see the details :)
Professional Qualifications:
Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Member in Good Standing
Primary/Junior Division & Special Education
7 Years of Work Experience:
Grade 3 Co-Teacher
at Town Centre Montessori Private School Sep2014-Jul2015
Occassional Teacher
at York Region District School Board May2014-Jun2014
After School School-Age Program Assistant
at YMCA Child Care Jun2013-May2014
Kindergarten Teacher Candidate
at H.G. Bernard Public School Sep2013-May2014
Tutor in Classroom (JK, SK, Grade 3/4)
at H.G. Bernard Public School Oct2012-Jun2013
P/J Special Education Teacher Candidate
at H.G. Bernard Public School Sep2011-May2012
Grade 3/4 Teacher Candidate
at H.G. Benard Public School Sep2011-May2012
Mandarin Teacher Assistant
at Bayview Elite Learning Centre Sep2011-May2012
Toddler Program Assistant
at Ontario Early Years Centre Sep2010-Apr2011
Summer Camp Teacher
at ACME Education Centre Jan2009-Sep2010
Grade 2 Math Tutor
at Central Public School Oct2009-May2010
After School Kindergarten Program Assistant
at YMCA Child Care Sep2008-Feb2009
Grade 2 Teacher Candidate
at Coledale Public School Sep2007-Jun2008
York University: BA Honours (Psychology/French), B.Ed (Primary/Junior)
I am interested in any positions for teacher or early childhood assistant
In the "sand box" centre, students role play growing plants by watering the plant, planting with seeds, arranging flowers, and shovelling the sand
In the "Science" centre, students observe plant growth by growing their own green bean plant in a cup by watering it daily
In the "Writing" centre, students write the observations of their own plant at least twice
a week to monitor growth
In the "role play" centre, there was a flower shop where students buy and pay the flowers with toy cash to apply their math knowledge in "money" unit
In "word work" centre, students make an association with alphabets by matching the magnetic letters on the tin tray
In "word work" centre, students construct a sentence using individual magnetic letters to work on spelling and sentence structure
In the "reading" centre, the reading area is made comfortable and isolated from distractions. This physical set-up allows students to build an interest in reading
In the "math" and "writing" centre, students work on their own booklet. The students here are learning to trace numbers 1 to 20 as well as in writing.
Summer Camp Teacher & After School Tutor
at ACME Education Centre (Jan 2009-Sept 2010)
Designed and taught fun and educational lessons on Language Arts, Mathematics, Health, Art, and Social Studies
Classroom Set-Up and Behaviour Motivation Tools
The Family Tree:
it represents the diverse types of families in the classroom
Student Portfolios:
students' learning process are documented so that students and parents can keep track of what they learned and what goals they want to work towards next
Taking Photos:
I document students' learning in play by taking photos of them and having them write about what they created. Students here demonstrated their understanding of "Measurement" in Mathematics by measuring the length of a toy animal with snap cubes
Writing Targets:
This tool is to motivate students to write more according to their appropriate level. One student's goal can be: "sounding out words". Another student's goal can be: "write 3 sentences with capitals and periods". Once they've achieved their goal, they receive a treat or a prize
Behaviour Chart:
Student's name move up and down depending on how on-task and productive they are in class. This motivates students to be responsible and initiative of their actions and behaviour
Reading Organizers:
novel books are organized according to specific themes and authors so that students can read according to their interests and levels
Work Habits:
Students who have completed their work place them in the "finished bin" for me to mark. The work I have marked that requires corrections are placed in the "corrections bin". This motivates students to keep track of their own work and establish a good working habit
Parent Updates:
Outside the classroom door, I always write down reminders on the white board or important dates on the calendar so that parents are always informed of upcoming events
Practicum Interim Report by JK/SK Kindergarten Teacher (Nov 2013)
JK/SK Kindergarten Teacher Reference Letter (Jun 2014)
P/J Kindergarten Teacher Reference Letter (Sept 2013)
Grade 3/4 Teacher Reference Letter (May 2012)
Practicum Summary Report by JK/SK Kindergarten Teacher (May 2014)
Practicum Summary Report by Grade 3/4 Teacher (May 2012)
Practicum Interim Report by P/J Special Education Resource Teacher (Nov 2011)
Placement Performance Review & Reference Letter by Grade 2 Teacher (June 2008)
Students learn math (addition) in partnership by using manipulatives on a 10-frame to visualize how addition looks like with coloured snap cubes
Student learns about plant growth by growing their own green bean plant, watering it every day, writing down their observations and discoveries on their journal
Student is motivated to learn and write about their discoveries from real life observations. Student here learned that "Kidney beans are oval".
Kindergarten bullentin board designed by me, it showcases students' work and understanding on the season of Fall
A name-personalized bookmark gift for my Grade 3/4 students to encourage them to read more!
A picture with my Full-Day Kindergarten class after their Christmas Concert.
My Grade 3 students throwing me a surprise bridal shower!
Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Full-Day Kindergarten, Elementary School-Age
Grade 3 Co-Teacher & After School Program Teacher
at Town Center Montessori Private School (Sept 2014 - July 2015)
Language Art: studied a novel using the Weekly Must Do’s Daily 5 Challenge – listening to reading, read to self, word work, work on writing, and read to someone
Mathematics: demonstrated math concepts through lessons, interactive games, exploration with manipulatives
Science: explored units of Forces and Stable Structures through experiments and making real life applications
Choreographed Grade 2 and 3 Spring Concert and designed their pirate-themed costumes
After reading a chapter aloud as a class, we studied the novel "Charlotte's Web" by running small groups to study the book more in depth in the 5 challenges
Each month I promoted character education through: scenario discussions, role plays, readings, collaboration games to build up their positive character (ex: courage, honesty, empathy, perseverance...)
Art works in class that allow them to express their creativity, personalities, and enjoyment in festivities (Thanksgiving Day, Mother's Day...)
I choreographed and conducted Grade 2 and 3 Spring Concert; designed their pirate-themed costumes
Volunteer Teacher Assistant at Ardmore Preschool (Nov 2015-Present)
Supervise and lead small group activities to preschool children aged 3-5 (ex: singing, reading, sensory games)
Decorate the preschool classroom with the students’ work
Lead literacy-based small group activities (ex: Handwriting Without Tears, Forming Words with Alphabets)

Using foam alphabets and asking students to form a word using the letter
Recognize how to write the alphabet by asking students to trace these letters with their fingers to feel the sandy texture
Establish a habit of writing by surveying students "Places they would wanna go" and prompting them to write
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