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Copy of Child Labor:The Irresponsible Violation Of Child Rights

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kiyah aikens

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Child Labor:The Irresponsible Violation Of Child Rights

Child Labor: The Irresponsible Violation Of Child Rights
Theme: Rights And Responsibilities
In our presentation, you will learn about the rights and responsibilities of Child Labor in 19th century America. By the end of our presentation, you will know how our topic relates to the theme.
Presentation By:
Kiyah Aikens
Trixie Yanez
Mykaala Butler

Children in the united states are working in filthy, extreme conditions. (WITH NO SHOES ON, AND DIRTY CLOTHING!)
Rights Of Child Labor
The Government took advantage of children's rights, and work them to the bone!
Children didn't know about the laws that said they couldn't work for more than 9 hours a day.
The children were not supposed to work if they were under the age of 12.
The children's rights were violated repeatedly, and they didn't even know it.
Responsibilities of Child Labor
Keep in mind that all of the children were not forced to work, some CHOSE to work!
By choosing to work, they gave themselves many responsibilities.
Some chose to work in order to make money to feed their families back at home.
Others, to get out of the slums/ ghetto and move into a safer neighborhood or village.
And others simply chose to work just to get a better education.
Thank You
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