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No description

Ashley Quiring

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Wii

Wii Price: $199.99, it was $249.99 Competes with the PlayStation3, and the Xbox 360 Released in the U.S. by Nintendo on November 19, 2006 at a price of $249.99 -Since April 2010, the Wii led in worldwide sales over the PlayStation3 and the Xbox 360 The Wii broke the record for the best-selling console in a single month in the U.S. in December of 2009 The best-selling game as of December 31, 2009, was Wii Sports Wii Sports sold 60.69 million copies and became the best-selling game The Wii is the first console that Nintendo has marketed outside of Japan that doesn’t have the company name in its trademark So instead of being called the "Nintendo Wii", it's just called the "Wii" Supposedly, the two lower-case “I”s in the word, "Wii," resembles two people standing side by side (players) it is 44 mm (1.73 in) wide, 157 mm (6.18 in) tall and 215.4 mm (8.48 in) deep Which is about the size of three DVD cases stacked on top of each other it only weighs 1.2 kg (2.7 lb) It is only 44 mm (1.73 in) wide, 157 mm (6.18 in) tall and 215.4 mm (8.48 in) deep The Wii is fairly small 44 mm (1.73 in) wide, 157 mm (6.18 in) tall and 215.4 mm (8.48 in) deep weighs 1.2 kg (2.7 lb) The Wii can be placed either vertically or horizontally Compatible with Wii discs, Nintendo GameCube Game Discs, all official Nintendo GameCube software, the memory cards, and controllers
But... The disc reader of the Wii does not play DVD-Video or DVD-Audio discs The Wii Menu is designed to be like television channels There are six primary channels: the Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Forecast Channel, and News Channel Controllers The Wii remote and the Nunchuck are the primary controllers The Wii remote uses Bluetooth to connect contains 512 megabytes of internal flash memory Able to connect to the Internet There are parental controls that set an age limit; if the game is over the limit of the set age, it requires a password to override the controls Why buy the Wii? The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are the Wii's main competitors Positive - HD graphics are great on the Xbox 360 But... you have to pay for multiplayer gaming, and wireless isn’t included some PS2 games aren’t compatible with the PS3 Positive – family system (parents, grandparents, and kids), motion-sensitive controllers that get you up to compete, you can exercise (Wii Fit) But, the graphics aren’t as good as the Xbox and Playstation3 As of December 31, 2009, the Wii had sold: 9.72 million units in Japan 32.02 million units in the Americas 25.71 million units in other countries nd... 67.45 million units Top 5 Wii games: #1: #2: #3: #4 #5 THE END!!
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