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Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana

No description

Chris Middleton

on 1 December 2017

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Transcript of Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana

Harmful Substances in Tobacco
Carbon Monoxide
Alcohol is a ......
Short Term Effects of Tobacco
Nicotine Withdrawal
Short Term Effects of Alcohol
Loss of Coordination, Memory and Judgement
Short Term Effects of Marijuana
Loss of Memory and ability to Learn
Distorted Senses
Trouble thinking and solving problems
Loss of Coordination
Increased Heart Rate
Long Term Effects of Tobacco and Marijuana
Damaging The Immune System
Lung Cancer
Chronic Bronchitis
Cardiovascular Disease
Long Term Effects of Alcohol
Alcohol Poisoning
When A Mother To Be Drinks Alcohol
Low Birth Weight
Ill at Birth
Mental Retardation
Still Born
Increased Heart Rate
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Factors That Determine How Alcohol Effects The Drinker
How Fast A Person Drinks
How Much a Person Drinks
How empty the person’s stomach is
How Big The Drinker is
Mixing with Other Drugs
Alcoholism and it’s Stages
Alcoholic- A person dependent on alcohol
Alcoholism- When a person is dependent on alcohol
Alcoholism- When a person is dependent on alcohol
Alcoholism- When a person is dependent on alcohol
Alcoholism- When a person is dependent on alcohol

Stages of Alcoholism
Drinking to Relieve Stress
Increased Tolerance
Stage #1
Stage #2
Loss of control over how much they drink
Promises to stop but continues to drink
Stage 3
Everything revolves around alcohol
Physical and mental deteriation
Groups that can help Quit Tobacco
American Heart Association
American Lung Association
American Cancer Society
Groups that can Help with Alcohol Problems
Alcoholics Anonymous
Effects on the Non-Smoker
Side stream Smoke
Mainstream Smoke
Passive Smokers
Reasons People use Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana
Peer Pressure
See It On TV
Escape Problems/Stress
See Older People use It
The active substance in Marijuana
Gateway Drug
A drug that opens up the desire to use other drugs
C. Marijuana
1. Loss of memory and ability to learn
2. Distorted Senses
3. Trouble with thinking and solving problems
4. Loss of corrdination
5. Increased Heart Rate
A group that helps the alcoholic
Helps the friends of the alcoholic
Helps the children of alcoholics
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