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Going Green: Lead by Example

English 202d Redesign Project

Christina Viscusi

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Going Green: Lead by Example

Going Green: Everybody's doing it! Who is "everybody?" What are they doing that's so "Green?" Who are the "Green Giants?" Who has potential? Who do consumers view as the "good guys?" What do consumers think? Are consumers committed to living a "Green lifestyle?" How do we get consumers more on board with this trend? Give them an incentive Make it your priority Get them involved Lead by example:
make the world a greener place! #12
Cisco Systems #11
Johnson Controls #14
Wells Fargo Sun Microsystems Sprint Nextel #20
Adobe Systems Advanced Micro
Devices Kohl's #19
Allergan Staples Coca-Cola Problem: 80 billion gallons of water use annually
Solution: creating preservation projects in 60 countries
Goal: improve water efficency by 20% by 2012 FedEx Problem: high level of GHG emissions, No aggressive initiatives
Solution:Increase reporting on GHG emissions
Goal: upgrade effciency of airplanes and vehicles General
Electric Problem: High amount of pollution, still supplies technology for coal plants
Solution: Increase innovation of clean energy solutions
Potential: Powerful source of innovation and technology Problem: massive amount of electricity usage, does not report GHG emissions
Solution:promoting sources of renewable energy, purchases offsets
Potential: Know for innovation, massive outreach, large funds Google Caterpillar Problem: Its equipment leave a massive carbon footprint
Goal: Reduce GHG emissions of entire product line by 20% by 2020
Goal: Reduce GHG emissions of facilities by 25% by 2020 Problem: Its operations leave a massive carbon footprint
Solution: Work only with suppliers whose factories rank highly on environmental and social audits Wal-Mart Goal 1: operate soley on renewable energy
Goal 2: create zero waste
Goal 3: sell products that conserve resources Who do consumers view as the "bad guys?" 97.5% replied "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "not sure" 2.5% replied "not sure" 0% replied "no" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" Should big business be "Green?" "yes" 84.6% responded "somewhat committed" 10.3% responded "not committed" Only 5.1% responded "committed" Technology Create a return policy: return obsolete technology to receive a percentage off your purchase of new technology Retail Reusable bag program: customers purchase reusable shopping bags; each time they return to the store using the store's reusable shopping bags they get a percentage off their purchase Consumer products Create a "Green points" system:
customizable customer website can record all purchases
each time a customer purchases a "green" product, they receive points
points = store credit
when consumers accumulate a certain number of points they can use them to purchase other products (online or in store) cellphones, printers, computers, etc Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, etc Make "Green" products the same price as "regular" products. Better yet, make them cheaper!

Create a "green" section in your store to attract and inspire your customers
Nike, P&G, Avon, etc Retail Create a company wide contest. The store with the highest percentage of shoppers to use reusable bags over a specified period of time will win a weekend sale! Technology To inspire customers to participate in a recycling program, tap into their competitive side. Create a website that shows the location where the most recycling is occurring. Make the website user friendly and easy for customers to access. Media, Travel, Leisure Provide interactive websites to make travel or leisure experience more "green." Technology Spend money on R&D to improve your processes and products Recognize that environmentalism is more than just a fad, customers expect you to be respectful of the environment Use your website to show customers that the environment is a priority; make progress more available to the public. Continue to support your Green Initiatives even if your customer is not committed to an eco-friendly life style. Creating large-scale recycling programs (HP) Using renewable energy (Dell) Designing eco-friendly products
(Nike) Reducing logistical impact (Fedex) #1 Hewlett-Packard Dell #2 #3 #4 #5 J&J IBM Intel #6 State Street #7 Nike #8 Bristol-Myers Squibb Applied Materials #9 #10
Starbucks For product that have an "on and off" switch, create an energy saving mode Food and Beverage Design eco-friendly containers:
even if the consumer is not responsible, your product is Make it a no-brainer Consumer Products Media, Travel,
Leisure Create a paperless system for tickets or receipts to allow customers to reduce paper waste
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