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Terrains - the musical! Enjoy!

An illustrated guide to the diversity of uses of the terrain concept

Milos Pelikan

on 3 April 2012

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Transcript of Terrains - the musical! Enjoy!

Terrain Parameters

A selection of terrian parameters from a digital elevation model - the classic "terrain"
Terrain Models
Terrain Parameters
"heat" - infra-red
"greenness" - imagery

Satellite sensor record information that is ideal for representation as a terrain
Terrain Parameters

Density surfaces are a type of terrain
Terrain Parameters
hydrogeology / groundwater

Sub-surface information is a terrain
Terrain Parameters
airborne scanners

LIDAR provides unprecedented terrain representation and possibilities
Terrain Parameters

A terrain of viewsheds can be used as an input to visual assessment of landscapes
Terrain Parameters

Gravity surfaces are a type of terrain used in geological studies
A small selection of examples...Terrains are everywhere!
A digital terrain model (DTM) is a dataset that represents ANY parameter that varies with distance (x,y). There are many types of terrains that can be represented in GIS.

A digital elevation model (DEM) is perhaps the most commonly know DTM. A DEM is a digital model or 3-D representation of the surface of the earth.

Other common DTMs include tempreature, pressure, rainfall, groundwater levels, density surfaces and distance surfaces.
from the very Big!
to the very Small!
thinking Terrains?
Milos Pelikan
Terrain Parameters
attratction and or cost

Gravity and cost models are types of terrains
think digital...
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