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A Rockstar Year in 2nd Grade

No description

Madeline Smith

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of A Rockstar Year in 2nd Grade

Creating Masterpieces Student Work Setting the Stage The Classroom Environment During a Math unit on Measurement, students used M&M's as centimeters to measure objects. Remembering, Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing, Understanding and Applying Engaging Rockstars Through hands on lessons and technology, learning is exciting in the classroom Rockstar Harmony Working Together A Rockstar Year
in 2nd Grade My adventures as a long term substitute
in 2nd grade at
Parkway Manor Elementary School Students created self portraits of what they would look like when they are 100 years old. For an April bulletin board, students pretended balloons took them somewhere exciting. The students created murals for our Lead 21 Inquiry project on hibernation and migration. Below is an inquiry group posing with their inquiry project on hibernation. Performances To go along with the Rockstar Theme in our classroom, our classroom behavior is managed using a clip chart in the shape of a guitar. The guitar chart aligns with our School Wide Positive Behavior program. To promote nightly reading in our class, students can be a part of our Rock 'n' Read program. Students read fifteen minutes a night and earn stickers to put on their CD's. Going along with our Rockstar Theme we have our classroom "band" jobs displayed. click to listen Students practice the Daily 5 "Read to Someone" during our enrichment and intervention time. Students listen and read along with books at the computer during center times. The Starboard is a huge fixture in our classroom. It displays our Morning Message, is used during Lead 21 to show our big books, and is great during Math. Here is a Lead 21 lesson being taught using the Starboard. Click Here Often times in our classroom we use games and small group activities in math. click here Every Day 5, in Lead 21, we record our fluency using a Voice Memo App. We record our fluency pieces and then put them on our class website. Here is a video of us recording our fluency. We have become a family in second grade through learning, as well as celebrating fun days. Learning to work together is an important skill that second graders need to practice.
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