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Feria del Sol/ Carnaval

No description

Gustavo Rodrigues

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Feria del Sol/ Carnaval

Feria del Sol/ Carnaval
Where and when
Feria del Sol is celebrated in Venezuela . In the state of Merida

The Celebration starts 40 days before Easter in February.
The holiday arrived in Venezuela in the 1800's when African Christians came to Venezuelan state of Merida , they called it Carnaval de Taurino, but it was change to Feria Del Sol to make it more Venezuelan.
How is it Celebrated
FDS begins with a dance called La Negra Isadora to mark the beginning of the 40 days to Easter
Later that day parades begin and people are dressed in flamboyant costumes.

Lechon is the most famous dish for the celebration. Lechon a pig grilled whole and eaten with a home made salsa over the grill.
Whats to eat?
Every year the people vote for the prettiest women in the city and she is named La Reina Do Sol.
Queen of the Sun
Every Year 7 Bulls are killed one every day for the festival. Legend has it that during FDS if you kill a bull while fighting it the whole city will have good luck .
Bull Fights
Every year during FDS like in all Venezuelan celebration the Armed Forces have a parade everyday starting with the Navy and ending with the Airforce
Military Parades
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