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Morgan Mueller

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Epilogue

Epilogue "He'll be there as long as Santa Anita stands. Santa Anita will be there as long as people feel anything about anything in racing." Woolf --January, 1946- Woolf was struggling with his diabetes and friends noticed that he was becoming very thin.
--One of his friends needed him to ride Please Me. Woolf did not feel well enough to race but he was known for never letting down a friend. So he decided to race anyways.
--Please Me was an ordinary horse so Woolf left his lucky Kangaroo leather saddle in the his trunk.
--After the first turn, Woolf slid off Please Me unconscious. His diabetes was taking its toll, the crowd could hear the sound of Woolf's head hit the track.
--1500 people came to say goodbye to Woolf.
--Three years later 16,000 people gathered at Santa Anita for the unveiling of the George Woolf memorial Statue. Woolf looked towards the bronze statue of Seabiscuit, with his lucky leather saddle hung over his shoulder.
Smith --Smith never got the recognition he deserved.
--Smith and Howard remained together until 1943, when Smith had back surgery and was replaced.
--Smith went to the East and worked for Elizabeth Arden Graham.
--Graham was loyal to Smith. She had all of her workers apply beauty products to her horses.
--Smith was accused of giving medication to his horses. Pharmacologists said that the dosage was too low to have an effect on the horse but he was still banned from racing for one year.
--Smith became depressed. He didn't know a life away from horses and in 70 years he never had a mark on his record.
--He was kept out of the racing Hall of Fame for 40 years after his death.
-- Suffered a stroke and died in a confinement room.
-- Almost no one came to the Lone Plainsmen's funeral. "...you and that George Woolf are the only ones who ever outdid me." - Samuel Riddle Pollard --Physically and Emotionally exhausted.
--Claimed that he was done racing and would never throw his leg over another horse.
--Pollard succeeded Smith and took the job as trainer.
--Agnes gave birth to daughter Norah and later son John.
--Pollard was unsuccesful as a trainer so he decided to become a jockey again. He suffered several more broken bones and was treated very poorly in hospitals.
--He kept his children away from racing and emphasized books.
--At 46 Pollard finally quit racing and became a mail sorter and then a valet.
--1980 Agnes was diagnosed with cancer and Pollard couldn't get along with her anymore so he was placed in a nursing home.
--1981 he did with no cause of death and Agnes died 2 weeks later. Howard & Seabiscuit --Howard and Seabiscuit grew old together
--He hung a sign on the gate to the ranch that said "RIDGEWOOD, HOME OF SEASBISCUIT. VISITORS WELCOME."
--Thousands of visitors came over the years. Seabiscuit usually stretched out on his side while Kayak entertained.
--Foals came each spring and Howard treated them like his own children. The "little biscuits" grew old enough to race and were very popular but fairly slow.
--Hollywood created "The Story of Seabiscuit" with Shirley Temple. It was a terrible movie.
--As exercise, Howard taught Seabiscuit to herd cattle.
--When the war came, Howard donated an ambulance to the British Red Cross named Seabiscuit.
--Howard's heart began to fail him and Marcela cared for him.
-- Noor won the Triple Crown for Howard but didn't mean the same to him as Seabiscuit did.
--1947 Seabiscuit died of a heart attack. Howard buried him under an oak tree and told only his sons where Seabiscuit was buried. The tree still stands today watching over Seabiscuits bones.
--Howard died 3 years later of heart failure.
"Sir, there will never be another Seabiscuit" - Howard
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