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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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Daniel Coulston

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Our media product does not set out to challenge the media conventions of similar films within in the same genre. It is possible to make a comedy war film but I believe taking into consideration that our film is based on a real war where people did die, it may not be appropriate to do so. Therefore we decided to keep our film opening straightforward with underlying serious tone. Usual war film conventions that we took into account; - The location of our media product was in a forest, however we picked a spot where controlled burning had recently taken place so that the bits of the floor were black and trees had been burnt. We thought this would be a great setting in which we would be able to keep with the conventions of a standard war film as it conveyed a sense of death and loneliness that is a common theme in most war movies - Props and costumes. We managed to get hold of an air rifle which helped to make our media product look more realistic and further to help it keep with the conventions of a war film. We also had already a soviet guards costume for the commissar, and we used rags for the peasants. The rags I believe helped to highlight the seriousness of the film by showing how these people are suffering and also allows us to highlight a common convention in war movies, the plight of the civillian in a war - The story, as with any other film within this genre was no doubt one of misery and despair. We thought of an idea for a whole film and what the story would be, and then thought of ways we could capture this in the opening. The opening contains such tropes as internal monologues and panning shots of the countryside which are found in lots of war movies - The title of the movie Red Sky is a very simple and conventional title as "red" is a term most commonly used for a communist and with other movies such as " The hunt for red october" ,this sort of name does not challenge any conventions in our genre and easily allows the audience to know what the movie is about. - It can be seen that the camera shots and editing we used in our movie were less than conventional for the genre our film is in. Most war films feature very fast paced editing and large mis en scene whilst we used slower editing and smaller sets to create the feel of loneliness in our movie. This clip from youtube shows some conventional editing in a war movie, Saving Private Ryan. Our story is set in 1917 Russia just after the communist revolution and follows a boy who is an aspring Red Army General. This story is not a very typical one and shows a side of the first world war that is not seen in many movies, with the closest movie we can find to it being "Enemy at the gates" which is set in Russia but during WW2. We use the convention that Russian's are poor to help emphasise the sadness and tragedy in the movie. The story could also be said to be unconventional in this genre as it does not contain that much fighting and is more about the personal side of war The title of the film and the font and style - Red Sky, the title of our film, does not give away any secrets to the plot, but to our target audience the colour red may be recognizable as the colour of communism. This challenges the convention of giving an indication of the subject matter of the film in the title. Given the events at the time our film is set, which includes the end of WWI and the Russian evolution. The idea of this was to appeal to our target audience who may be interested in this period of time. An example of a similar strategy is the film “Hunt for Red October.”

This was exaggerated with the title style and font, both the typewriter effect and Russian propaganda style font. In conclusion whilst I feel our movie does not challenge many conventions in it's genre these are mainly it's strengths and the conventions we have changed are small and subtle
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