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Loyola Shuttle Proposal

Engl 210

Lauren Andresen

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Loyola Shuttle Proposal

Loyola Shuttle Proposal Proposed Solutions and
Improvements Growth to LUC Data Analysis Competition Problems Expansion of Water Tower Campus
Students, faculty, and staff are dissatisfied Improvements to current service
Increased frequency during times of high ridership
Evening alternatives
Online Services Implementing an in-house service
Marketing benefits
Revenue potential 3-year costs
1.69 million ($566,000/year)
2.68 million ($389,000/bus)
Cost per student: $97.79 51 undergraduate students
82.4% use the LUC Shuttle System
17.6% do not use the LUC Shuttle System
- 80.4% CTA bus and el
- 11.8% car
- 13.7% other By: Lauren Andresen, Celeste Demmel,
Austin Gorvett, Juliana Lanaro and Peter Jakomin Timing/Scheduling conflicts
Lack of reliability
Long lines and wait times
Tardiness to classes Between 62 and 72 total passengers
- 42 seated
- 20-30 standing
Cost $850 each day per bus
- This is the cheapest rate found in the Chicago area when taking into consideration total capacity
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