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Celebrity Presentation: Greyson Chance

stuff about Greyson Micheal Chance

Kenda Wanny

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Celebrity Presentation: Greyson Chance

Celebrity Presentation THE END !!!!!

:O XD Greyson (Micheal)Chance Born in
-16 August 1997
-Wichita Falls, Texas, USA
-Origin (brought up)in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA

-Pop rock, piano rock


-Keyboard, Piano, vocals

Present: 2010 NEARLY
THERE !!! Greyson sang his piano cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi'' at a sixth-grade music festival
(April 2010). Which then became a hit on YouTube, gaining 48 million view.
Followed by two of his original compositions, "Stars" and "Broken Hearts", gained over 5 and 7 million views respectively on his YouTube channel. Continuing... BYEBYE How did he become famous? -Ellen DeGeneres' first saw the video after Chance's brother, Tanner Chance, wrote to her show suggesting she watch it. The video had about 10,000 views when DeGeneres first saw it.

-Labeled by 'eleveneleven' , 'Maverick' and 'Streamline, Geffene's after he's been invited to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. TIRED>> @o@'' LOL :) XO His first album
~Waiting Outside
The Lines~
(October 2010) ^ ^ ~Hold On Till
the Night~
( August 2, 2011) TO Paparazzi cover. What I like about him :
-He has positive thinking
-Never gives up
-The meaning of his songs
-How he express his words into a song "I love artists who are able to communicate their emotions through music and sing from the heart. That’s what I’m hoping to do with my songs."
- Greyson C. In my opinion, he helped people speak out the hard times being in the teenage zone through his songs. It was easy to understand his feelings in most of his songs.
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