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Behavior Scientist

No description

Kayley Williams

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Behavior Scientist

Behavioral Scientist
by Kayley Williams

Job Description
Also known as a social scientist, a behavioral scientist explores how a human being interacts with others to understand their mental health.
Training and Educational Requirements
Human beings should have a major in Behavioral Science, although there are some jobs open with a bachelor's degree. Some skills they would need would be to read and write very well, understand grammar and vocabulary, and listen, question, and respond. They should be able to work well, even if they are super stressed out, and be able to clearly explain their results.
Places that Offer
Lots of places offer a job as a Behavioral Scientist!

California: 135 job offers
Nebraska: 83 job offers
Texas: 64 job offers
Florida: 46 job offers
New York: 35 job offers
Connecticut: 32 job offers
Tennessee: 28 job offers
Illinois: 24 job offers
Pennsylvania: 23 job offers
Missouri: 20 job offers
Virginia: 19 job offers
Arizona: 18 job offers
Georgia: 18 job offers
Michigan: 18 job offers
Iowa: 16 job offers
Maryland: 16 job offers
North Carolina: 16 job offers
New Jersey: 16 job offers
Louisiana: 15 job offers
Washington: 15 job offers
Nevada: 14 job offers
Ohio: 14 job offers
Indiana: 14 job offers
Kansas: 12 job offers
Kentucky: 10 job offers
Massachusetts: 10 job offers
Colorado: 9 job offers
Minnesota: 8 job offers
Maine: 7 job offers
New Mexico: 7 job offers
Working Conditions
Working conditions vary, depending on where you work.
A behavioral scientist get about $79,000 dollars a year (2011). That's above the average income!
Job Outlook
Behavioral Scientist have great job training, and great pay. It's pretty easy to get this job.
Related Occupations
That's more than 650 job offers!!!
Related jobs include a Mental Health Counselor, almost any job in Criminal Justice, and really any psychology career.
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