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The NYC Common Core Shifts

NYC has decided to implement the Citywide Instructional Initiatives and the focus of this is the Shifts in the Common Core. This presentation shows how it is ALL about the Shifts.

Daisy Concepcion

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of The NYC Common Core Shifts

Through the SHIFTS It's ALL About the SHIFTS These SHIFTS focus on... Where do I find the blue
print for these shift? The Shifts ARE the Common Core! What is MY familiarity with the SHIFTS? As a supervisor, I will be conducting frequent observations of these SHIFTS. Let's do an activity to get us thinking about the SHIFTS... Keep the following questions in mind (reading with a purpose) :
1. Which of these 6 SHIFTS resonates most with you?
2. What implication does this SHIFT have on classroom instruction?
3. What are some of the things that need to be in place in order for these SHIFTS to happen? First you will read independently, then turn and talk with a partner... Essential Question:
What will it take to
transition to the Common Core? How is NYC
the Common Core? Let's practice one of the strategies of the Common Core: CLOSE Reading of Complex Text to make meaning... What are these
asking us to do? Let's hear what David Coleman (Primary Writer for the Common Core Standards) says about this in a discussion with NYS Education Commissioner King ... For this activity, you will need your Common Core Shift note-taking guide AND we will use another Common Core strategy... We will be using a note-taking guide to record evidence from the text.
We will be answering a series of Text Based Questions.
We will be engaged in discussions about the "text"/video.
(All Common Core activities aligned to PARCC) What are the DELIBERATE steps that we can take in our practice to produce a DIFFERENT outcome? This makes WHAT teachers are doing and asking students a HIGH LEVERAGE item.

This makes WHAT Teacher Teams are looking at and talking about CRUCIAL.

If this is so, what is OUR work with the teachers? You mean you're going to criticize my work? Your school work will be critiqued. Remember... critique comes from critical thinking... it means going deeper and doing more rigorous work... How will the network stay innovative? The work of the Common Core Fellow... Receive National cutting edge training on the Shifts, Standards, Task and Pedagogy
Trained in Rigorous Review Process
Give RELEVANT meaningful, high leverage feedback The work of the Common Core Fellows... Build an understanding of what the CCLS looks like for students and what it looks like for teachers
Build CCLS expertise
Collect and disseminate instructional resource To bring you tasks like this.. There is expertise among your peers How will these SHIFTS be assessed? The SHIFTS are complex, subtle at times, HUGE and HIGH STAKES.
The Network and your school liaison are your partners in this work. It's ALL about the SHIFTS What's NEW in Quality Review? Elmore's Action of Theory Let's review what we know...
We know that data and assessment are big items for QR and we saw 3 indicators line up in Marshall's Ripple Effect Diagram.
We know that the Common Core Shifts AND their implementation will be part of the Accountability in Progress Reports and Quality Reviews.
We want to know which indicators and where? Let's do another activity... We want to see how and where the SHIFTS lie in the Quality Review Rubric... One final activity... Elmore's Theory of Action (Instructional Core) is DELIBERATE LANGUAGE in the QR.
Your Superintendent and Quality Reviewer has been
trained in this theory and will look for how you
respond to this theory. Look at the Orange sheet in your folder..

Read closely the Leverages that Elmore presents.
Think about how these Leverages hinder or support the work of the Common Core Shifts at your school. Think about the leverage that you already have in place..
Identify one or two leverages that are next steps for you. Here is what your school liaison needs to help support your work... Your Data Goals from the September Institute (These are broad goals)
Your Data Goals from this Institute (These are goals that will be used in your units)
Your Assessment Calendar
Your Inquiry/ Teacher Team Dates
Your Professional Development Plan
Time with you to visit your school and give you feedback. Thank you!
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