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The effectiveness of legal and non legal responses of the OM

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Hasan Algalele

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of The effectiveness of legal and non legal responses of the OM

The effectiveness of legal and non legal responses of the OMCG `Hells Angels`
General Information about `Hells Angels`
The `Hells Angels` was originated by a vet named Otto Friedli and American war immigrants in March 17, 1948.
Effectiveness of Non-Legal Responses NO#1
General Public:
Through demonstrations, the general public can protest certain legislations and acts against the parliament and persuade politicians and lobby against laws.
Legal Responses:
Non-Legal Responses:
A Project Conducted by Hasan Algalele, Kristian Brankovic and Ramiz Shakil
`Hells Angels` is listed at number three in Australia for the most members with criminal records:
They are a global organization, with over 200 chapters world wide including 8 in Australia. This portrays the vital effectiveness and power the gang has.
The effectiveness of legal and non legal responses of the OMCG `Hells Angels`
`Hells Angels` has been controversal associating with criminal activity. The government has responsed to this with legal responses.
Due to OMCG`s increase in criminal activities. Non- Legal responses have been introduced to fight these crimes. They consist of the following:
General Public
Interest Groups
Non-Legal Responses NO#2
The media is a format for the public to watch the day to day affairs around the country. this political response can have a heavy impact on the opinions of the general public . For example the media coverage of the Sydney airport murder led to widespread response the subsequential result were the introduction of the new 'anti bikie laws'.
Non-Legal Responses NO#3
Interest Groups:
Interest groups can include unions who in turn lobby within the government for altercations and change in legislations. Lobbying is to gather a group of like minded individuals and attempt to persuade the government to change legislation.
The government has introduced legal responces to restrict the movements and operations of OMCG`s. They consist of:
Enacting laws to prosecute individuals of any previous criminal history Proceeds of Crimes act 2002
Establishing police taskforces or granting special powers
Enacting laws to to criminalize members or associate (Crimes Act 2002)
Effectiveness of Legal responses on OMCG`s NO#1
Enacting laws to prosecute inividuals of any previous criminal history Proceeds of Crimes act 2009:
With new laws being enforced upon bikies , there has been a tougher crackdown on OMCGs and their members. examples of such is the Proceeds of Crimes Act 2009 where proceeds and benefits from previous crimes can be traced or expelled from use. However these laws are encountering widespread negativity since they are time consuming and ineffective since all gang memebers follow a 'code of silence' thus making it difficult to obtain information from witnesses and criminals alike.
Legal Responce NO#2
Establishing police taskforces or granting special powers:
Another aggressive way to counter act OMCG activities is to create special task forces specifically made for targeting gang operations. An example of such task forces is Strike force raptor which in a months' time made 50 arrests, placed 120 charges and seized substantial amounts of drugs and firearms . However the social cost is great and puts the effectiveness of such procedures in question. Reason being that judicial powers allow these forces to intercept communication, survey suspects , interstate intelligence sharing and conduct warrants at their own will. these implications can be interpreted as an invasion of privacy. But the invasion of privacy for a few individuals shouldn't obstruct the safe keeping for the majority of society therefore these responses are effective.
Legal Responce NO#3
Enacting laws to to criminalize members or associates (Criminal Organisations Control Act 2012)
This is the most questionable factor of responsiveness to bikie gangs. through the Crimes and Control act 2012 any association or membership with an outlaw bikie gang can be declared illegal . this approach is very contended and its effectiveness can be put into question because regular citizens who are in any way affiliated with an outlawed group can be branded as associates of criminals. Therefore these responses are controversial and better methods can be found. The law has been taken place in the following video:
This presentation portrays the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the legal system in dealing with activities conducted by OMCG gangs. Moreover, it also portrays the powers that were enforced to the police in dealing against OMCG`s.
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