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A little round-up

by David Halmi

David Halmi

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of A little round-up

Let's begin, shall we?
Oh, hi!
My name is David.

I am struggling to be as versatile
as I can be.
I can do this..
First I made a lot of music as a freelancer.
.. with these:
In 2007, I started working at DuoDecad Kft. at customer support & content management.
They couldn't handle my overwhelming awesomeness so I got promoted to shift leader at customer support in 7 months.

Nailed it!
In 2009, I became a media buyer at the same company.

Besides doing traffic acquisition, I worked shoulder-to-shoulder with product management, usability testers, designers, whatnot.

The stakes were high, we had a network of sites with 25+ million unique visitors a day.
That's about the entire population of Australia.
I am considered as a creative mind so I
was often partaking in brainstormings, plannings and introductions of new features.

Support and Marketing experiences go well hand-in-hand, apparently.
Anyway.. I also like to make stupid, weird animations, because I can.
I was on sick days here, so...
Here is one I made for LJ.com from home in 1 day, music & speech included.
Some other astounding details:

- I prefer walking everywhere (even if it takes 45 minutes in snowfall)

- I'm left handed

- One time, as a kid, I almost swallowed a bee accidentally

- I'm learning mandarin chinese, because they say it's difficult.

- I also like to cook!
Check ->
MY GOAL: To be a part of a great team and help people get engaged with the product, be it marketing, customer care or usability tips. The key is...
Dávid Halmi
(+36) 30 995 7496
Right now, I am working remotely for a
company abroad as a product- and project manager, but functioning as a swiss army knife,
doing also email- and social marketing, copywriting, and occasionally design.

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