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Important people involved in the signing of the treaty of waitangi

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Ricone Lillows

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Important people involved in the signing of the treaty of waitangi

Henry Williams
Who: Henry Williams
Role: Headed CMS's (Church Missionary Society)
Mission in NZ. He influenced several thousand Maori to convert and spread its influence throughout the North Island.
Involvement: Translated the technical language of
the draft done by William Hobson and James Busby into Maori with his son (Edward) over one night.
Perspective: Supports British Annexation because he
though it was important to protect Maori from lawless Europeans and dishonest dealings.
James Busby
Who: James Busby
Role: He was ordered to protect friendly
settlers and traders, prevent resentment of the Maori and protect Maori from escaped convicts. However, he had little material support, no troops or police and legal power to make arrests. The Maori called him a Man o War without guns.
Involvement: He helped William Hobson draft the treaty in 1840.
The draft was debated, explained and signed at a gathering at Busby's House.
Perspective: He wanted a peaceful relationship between the Maori and Europeans by directing the Maori towards a settled form of government.
Tamati Waka nene
Who: Tamati Wakanene
Role: He is a Ngapuhi (one of the tribes) chief who became
an early friend of the Pakeha. He was one of the first to convert taking up the name of Thomas Walker. He protected the Anglican and Wesleyen missionaries and assisted James Busby.
Involvement: He was one of the first Maori Chiefs to sign the
treaty. He argued that British intervention was necessary to stabilize the country. His speech was the turning point in the debate which lead to general agreement.
Perspective: He supports British annexation as he believes that it
is a necessity in order to gain peace.
William Hobson
Who: William Hobson
Role: In 1838 he was appointed to NZ to protect the
British settlers. However, he took 2 months before accepting the job as he hoped to be promoted to senior naval officer instead.
Involvement: Hobson was in charge of drafting the
English version of the treaty. He asked Busby for help as the land claims needed to be approved by the new authorities.
Perspective: He was basically following orders from higher
authorities in Britain to draft the treaty and get the Maori to sign it.
Hono Heke
Who: Hono Heke
Role: A powerful Ngapuhi chief who was intelligent. He knew
the benefits of associating with the British, however when he realised that the British were trying to take over their territory he opposed them.
Involvement: He managed to persuade many other tribes to
sign the treat. A few years later he realised that the British were attempting to taking control over New Zealand and removed their flag three consecutive times.
Perspective: He placed his trust in the British in the beginning but began to realise they were trying to take over their area and opposed the Europeans due to their actions against Maori customs.
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