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YCN Master Brief: Domino's

Jamie Hawkes & Dan Boswell

Jamie Hawkes

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of YCN Master Brief: Domino's

Celebrating Togetherness
Reasserting Domino's ownership of Tuesdays in the pizza takeaway category.
Jamie Hawkes & Dan Boswell

Creative Response

The Original Offer Two for Tuesdays launched in 2009

Papa Johns Two for Tuesdays
Pizza Hut Two'sday Tuesdays

Domino's has lost their competitive edge

Campaign Context
Campaign Objectives:

To create an emotional connection with the offer & Domino's
To own togetherness on Tuesday
Desired Consumer Response
Primary Campaign Aim:

To once again, own Tuesdays
Embracing technology is at the core of our
operations, Over 50% of our orders are from mobile phones
(Domino's 2013 Annual Report)

75% Order with Family or Friends
We're always looking for innovative ways to, engage, connect & rewards our loyal fans -
Dominos Annual Report 2013
Simple & Fun
To love Domino's again and use #TogetherTuesdays to
to enjoy moments together!
Is there another level to the offer
No other competitor has explored?
Encouraging positive relationships

Delivering more than just great-tasting pizza.
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