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Palm oil destroys Habitats

No description

Maya Fish

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Palm oil destroys Habitats

Why is palm oil bad?
Sustainable palm oil
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Palm oil plantations are bad because the people who plant them destroy parts of rain forests to make the plantation. The animals who live there must flee to a new part of the forest. Maybe that part they flee to is another animal's territory.
Also the animals might die because they run out of food or one of the planters shoot them. Many can't find a mate to reproduce.
Where are the plantations
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Most plantations are in southeast Asia.
What is palm oil in?
Palm is in most of those branded, snacky things like Cocoa Puffs and Oreos. Now you'll think twice before you buy one of these snacky products and check the ingredients.
Palm oil
Palm oil is a type of liquid that comes from a type of fruit this fruit is edible but most people hate the taste including ANIMALS.
Here is a Beautiful Creature
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Because the palm oil plants can only grow in hot and humid climates.
Palm oil destroys habitats
Now maybe you will think twice before you buy Oreos. this is a baby probuscus monkey who also suffers the dangers of habitat distruction.

We can't stop eating palm oil all together, it would be impossible. We can try and eat sustainable palm oil products. This means that they sadly still destroy 1 bit of forest but they do not leave the dead forest after the palm oil trees have died like others do, instead they replant the palm oil trees.
Here is a video about Doritos
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