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Religion - Islam

No description

Andy Doan

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Religion - Islam

AP HuG Project
by Simon Bae
Andy Doan
William Hoang
Danny Nguyen &
Dinh Quach The Religion of Islam Religious Data Religious Diffusion Religious Beliefs Cultural Interaction in Religion •1 in 4 people in the world or 1.57 billion practice islam
•ranks in 3rd in the world of numbers of followers
•number of followers slowly shrunk
•becoming a follower of Islam •hearth - Arabia
•rapid growth of islamic practices led to more ummahs
•Muslims all over the world now
•followers invaded Spain and entered India
•traded with the rest of the world
•Islam spread - increasing rapidly
•Islam is growing the fastest currently in Europe
•core of the religion - Saudi Arabia. •Muhammad - prophet
•Islam's followers - Muslims
•Qur'an - holy scripture
•5 pillars
•mosque - place of worship
•Friday - day of worship
•monotheistic, universalizing
•Social and Political:
-political system: Tawhid, Risalat, and Khilafat
-aim - to encourage the qualities of purity, beauty, goodness, virtue, success, and prosperity
-state can plan its welfare programs in every age and in any environment. Religious Ecology •universe - God's creation
•creates where water flows, Heaven and Hell, Darkness and light •protect the environment and cause it no harm Religious Landscape •Mecca:
-Located in Saudi Arabia
-All Muslims pray in the direction of Mecca
-Contains the holiest mosque, the Masjid al Harem
-Pilgrimage to Mecca is required for every Muslim
-Most important place in Islam
-believed to be where the universe started •Elements of Islamic architecture
-Use of Minarets or towers
-elaborate gates
- Usage of domes
- A prayer Niche facing Mecca
-Geo-metric patterns
-Decorative calligraphy •Medina:
-Also located in Saudi Arabia
-was ruled by Mohammed himself
-Contains the first mosque in Islam
-Means “City of The Prophet
-Second holiest site in Islamic culture •Jerusalem:
-Locate in Israel
-Has been fought over for centuries
- The site is also holy to Jews
-Contains the Dome of the rock which was built over a sacred spot where Mohammed ascended in to Heaven
-originally was the most important city in Islam •Burial Rituals
-Bathing the Body
-Placing the Body in a white silk or linen shroud
-Pray over the body
-Burial in a grave
-Positioning the body’s head towards Mecca •Islam - only regulates the local culture of its followers
•people retain their own culture
•influence of Islam - equality of women, rule of law
•culture of the country prevails •Economic:
-interest is forbidden
-Zakat system
-no harmful business Thank You For Your Attention!
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