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New Media and Early Years Education

A presentation about how New Media is important in Early Years Education

Fiona Husband

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of New Media and Early Years Education

New Media
Early Years Education Multimedia Multimedia is the combination of various forms of media which are put together to create an idea. New Media New media are forms of media which have been developed in the more recent years and includes much more complex forms of technology. Activity Students would write an autobiography about themselves including name, age, where they live, what they like to do and what they think makes them unique.
They would then read this out whilst being video recorded by a peer.
Once all of the students have recorded their biography, the teacher and the students would work together on an interactive whiteboard to edit the videos and compile the files as one video with text slides in between and transtitions to introduce each separate class member. The video camera would be set up on a tripod to maintain stability and the teacher would work with the child doing the recording to show how to record, zoom etc. ICT Outcomes F1 Students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of technology F3 Students will demonstrate a moral and ethical approach to the use of technology F5 Students will practice the concepts of ergonomics and safety when using technology F6 Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of the operating skills required in a variety of technologies P3 Students will communicate through multimedia Kindergarten
Social Studies
I Am Unique Social Studies Outcomes K.1.1 Value their unique characteristics, interests, gifts and talents K.1.2 Value the unique characteristics, interests, gifts and talents of others K.1.3 Examine what it makes them unique individuals Activation Matrix Dimensions of Information Attributes of the Medium New Media and Early Years Education Fun
A different teaching style
Meets different learning styles
Can be used to teach difficult or specialized concepts
Helps to develop basic skills
ICT Outcomes They are simple outcomes for EYE
Integrated throughout all learning experiences
Addenedum Description of my contribution to the group project The students would be shown the example video done by the teacher prior to the class The students will operate the video camera semi-independently
They will understand that what they record can be played back on the camera and also downloaded onto a computer and played They will understand that only one person can operate the video camera and will take it in turns to do so Students will understand that the video camera needs to be handled carefully and safely, which would be reinforced with each child and the whole class Students will be able to operate the record and zoom functions on the video camera
They will be able to drag and drop media files in a movie creator program with the guidance of the teacher The students will record their messages on the video camera and these will be played back to them, the whole class and parents. My Contribution There was a good balance of sharing work amongst the group and we all contributed to every aspect.
I took the most responsibility for the creation of the website although we all collaborated with decisions like the colour and layout.
I edited two of the videos we created and took some of the photographs that we used in the website, the others were found by all of us using an online image search.
I provided the use of the kitchen at my house for doing the video recordings as it was the best setup and had good lighting, which is a necessity for video recording.
I also contributed various recipes for us to include on the website. Design and Layout Issues Couldn't embed example video for activity
Used a new program to present assignment as an example of new media
A different way of writing a paper
Detailing the outcome then having a path to the explaination helps to link and reason the choice of outcomes

It could be added as a separate section after the overall presentation
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