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Headers and Footers

No description

ella warren

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Headers and Footers

Go to the insert tab and click header
From there you can choose your header style
You can close the header clicking the close button in the design tab.
To remove your header by going to back to the insert tab and clicking on header.
On the drop down menu there will be a remove header.
Inserting & Removing Headers
Just like headers go to the insert tab and click footer
A drop down menu will let you choose your style for your footer
In your footers you can add a page number as one of the options
You can add the date and time information in the design tab
Make sure you choose the time that is correct by the date stamp
You can add an auto text entry by clicking quick parts in the design tab
Inserting Footers
Is when you automatically jump to a page by hitting CTRL and clicking the mouse once
You can update hyperlinks in your table of contents by right clicking
You can also put in web addresses that take you to the internet
You insert them you go to the insert tab and click hyper link to put in a link
You can also make the link to an email address where the will send an email to them
Hyper Links
With the design tab you can skip between your headers by clicking the tabs in the options group
You can also choose to not show the text outside of the footer when working in your footer.
In the design tab you can go to the position group where you can decided where you want your header and footer placed.
Navigating Headers & Footers + Options
Headers and Footers
Changing Document Styles

by: Kiauna Castro, Karla Diaz, Breanna Laythorpe, Brooke Peters, Ella Warren
In the home tab there is the style option, once you highlight your text you can change it's style by clicking the drop down menu and clicking a style you like
You can even edit your text yourself can save it as your own font that meets your needs by clicking change styles
You can change the paragraph spacing and color by going to change style in the home tab
Applying and Creating Styles
Saving your Styles
When you have a style that you like highlight the text and then you can save it by going to the styles tab on the home tab and click "save selection as a new quick style"
Give your style a name and save it
You can go to the home tab and go to style and click apply styles where you can change and edit your doc with spacing,heading,subtitles,and insert your saved text
With all of your subtitles and titles you can create a table of contents with page numbers
Page a new page with CTRL and ENTER
Make a page break and then go to the Reference Tab and click the table of contents option
Then choose your style and the document automatically puts up all of your page numbers and it adds all of your titles and subtitles.
The Table of Contents creates hyperlinks to take you to the page you want.
Table of Contents
Full transcript