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Zabani Snore Monitor (english version)

Mobile app that analyzes the sound of snoring during sleep, to detect patterns related to apnea.

Biaani Consultancy Services

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Zabani Snore Monitor (english version)

Set your personal monitoring! ¿Why Zabani? It helps you to grow consciousness about the importance of sleep quality! Details Map Start screen Website Directory Zabani is a smart application,
It is your sleep guardian! Zabani App
Snore Monitor ... do you know which are the health consequences or treatments and products available to improve it?
Are you aware of the importance that sleep quality has? Depression Fatigue Sleepiness Overweight Diabetes Hypertension Partner's irritation Bad
memory Poor sleep quality could be related to sleep disorders that can trigger or increase risk for other health conditions Insomnia Sleep Apnea Obstructive sleep apnea is a disease characterized by holding back your breath for short periods of time during sleep. It inhibits proper rest, because in the absence of oxygen the brain is forced to interrupt sleep to recover respiration rate! Approximately 50% of the adult worldwide population snores!

80% to 90% of patients don't know that snoring could be sign of a sleep disorder! Do you believe you may have a sleep disorder? Do you have any idea of the cost of a study that helps to detect Apnea? Then ... How to evaluate sleep quality? Your
information Your
results Monitoring It provides a web account where you can store your monitoring without depending on your smart phone! It is a low cost alternative that provides you objective snoring indicators and estimation of risk to suffer Apnea! It provides contact information for Sleep Centers, specialists and products! A sleep study (polysomnography) costs between
$ 1,000 USD to
$ 2,000 USD! Are you willing to pay for it without knowing if you're prone to illness? Picture yourself having a mobile app on your phone that will monitor you while sleeping and provide indicators to measure your sleep quality, (at the end of this presentation we'll tell you how to get it) Meet ... Do you want to get Zabani? Free version Bonus features:

Monitoring records (better rate of Apnea's risk)
Your own Zabani account
monitoring for several users Premium version
$2 USD click on the link..... Clinics, specialists and products Designed by: 99% of Apnea sufferers present excessive snoring (but not every snorer has Apnea) "Available on IOS (Apple), Android, Black Berry and Nokia" http://www.biaani.com/web/guest/gi http://www.biaani.com/web/guest/pi
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