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Cloud Computing Presentation

Description of cloud computing, Pros and cons of it, etc

sunny arora

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Cloud Computing Presentation

is important

Computing is the network conjoined by hardware and configured by using software.

Before cloud, you store your files and install costly applications on your own limited hard-disk capacity

Usually many companies faced on their financial problem to build IT support.

Not until Cloud Computing introduced to new era.
Internet Based virtual computing where physical hardware are less required than the usual computing

Data can be accessed and stored anywhere and on-demand.

Do not require any installation, extra hardware and software license specific to the service.
What is Cloud computing?
On-Demand Self-service
Scalable & Elastic
Resource pooling
Metered by use
Uses Internet Technologies
Computing characteristics
Two significant components
1. Front End

- Computer user

2. Back End

Servers, Storage & etc
3 Layers of
Cloud Service Models
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Reduce costs.

Improved performance, Computing power & maintenance.

Instant software updates.

Unlimited storage capacity.

Increased Data Safety.

Compatible on any Operating system.

Same format compatibility.

Easier group collaboration.

Can use any devices on same account
Requires a Constant Internet connection.

Doesn’t work with low connection.

Stored data might not be secure.

Cloud might lose your data.
Google Docs
Benefits and its possible implementation

Cheaper in Cost and provide robust services.

Better quality of e-mail service, collaboration tools and data storage.

Quick and effective communication at anytime and anywhere.

Collaborate globally: Collaboration tools leads to collective intelligence and creativity as the staff work on their project document in real time at different locations.

Assisting officers and staff in organizing their presentation, meeting and schedules.

Green initiatives; Save paper usage, printing etc.

Easy to deploy.
Cloud computing is an evolution of internet computing which adopts virtualization of the computing concepts. It, for sure, designed for what an IT staff dreamed of having a scalable and elastic and yet healthy that can provide services better what normal computing can provide.
It affects not just on the computing field, the business and the education sectors are also can benefit from the cloud computing. Though it is not recommendable to those who doesn’t have internet connection or slow connection, cloud computing has proven to be at best at providing services when it comes to internet.
Deployment model
Public cloud

Community cloud

Hybrid cloud

Private cloud
Presented by :-
Sunny Arora

Google Docs allows users to upload documents, spreadsheets and presentations to Google's data servers. Users can edit files using a Google application. Users can also publish documents so that other people can read them or even make edits, which means Google Docs is also an example of cloud computing.

Web e-mail providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail store e-mail messages on their own servers. Users can access their e-mail from computers and other devices connected to the Internet.
All of them are the good examples of SaaS.
AWS is Amazon’s umbrella description of all of their web-based technology services.
Mainly infrastructure services:
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon SimpleDB

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