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Business in Africa

No description

Christopher Hudson

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Business in Africa

Business in Africa
Official language throughout most of Africa is Afrikaans.
Costs and Activities
For Transportation
: To rent a Toyota Corolla 2.0 for 10 days it will be $1011.06.
Social Organizations
Legal System
Political System
President of Africa
Cost Analysis
Yes or No
I would say no. Africa's economy is at a down fall. Business that are starting are not doing so well. Africa is a very poverty strickened country.
Diet and Nutrition
Africa is one of the least carnivorous areas.
Most people in Africa believe that renting homes or property is irresponsible. They are taught at a young age to buy a home rather than renting.
Social Organizations
Religion and other Beliefs
The most prominent religions are muslim and Christian. 40.6% are Christian and 45% are muslim. 14.4% are un-voted.
Women holds up a that says "The Best World, Yes We Can."
Group of women setting at a table and talking.
Business Customs and Practices
Letter from Barack Obama stating that he favors the "Doing Business in Africa" campaign.
Powerful cult Eckankar, plans to eventually take over Africa, but never says what country.
Since they do not eat alot of meat, they must consume a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Work overalls
Hard Hat
"Construction Job"
"Business Job"
Suits (For men)
Dresses (For Women)
Health Care
Health care can be very limited in some parts of Africa.
Hallo. Hello.
Totsiens. Goodbye.
Dankie. Thank You.
Wat is jou naam? What is your name?
Hoe kan ek jou help? How can I help you?
My naam is .. My name is...
Die prys is ... The price is...
Welkom Welcome
Jou welkom Your Welcome
Hoe is jy? How are you?

For a Hotel
: Quarry Inn charges $908.74 for a room for 10 days and 9 nights.
Tourist Attractions:
Nelson Mandela museum of South Africa: Cost $82.00 (American Money)

- Jiff peanut butter has alot of protien that may people need.
- Jiff peanut butter has a lower price and would sell.
- Many companies may buy this and donate to certain orginzations.

- Very poverty strickened country. If not a big thing, may not sell after awhile.
- Alot of people donate food to the worst parts of the country.
- Peanut butter is easy to come by.
Flights 3420 / 7918
Flight 7918 operated by South African Airways
South African Airways
Flight 4593 Stops
Depart: 1:19 PMSt Louis, MO (STL)
Arrive: 7:40 AM
East London, South Africa (ELS)
Connect in: Washington, Dakar, Johannesburg
Total Travel Time: 34 hrs 21 mins
Guaranteed Best Price
Total Round-Trip $3762.59
Per Person

US passport $165.00
Flight (Round Trip): $3760.59
One McDonalds Meal: $54.88 X 15= $823.20
Total: $4748.79
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