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My Life as a water particle

No description

Sharen Mahesan

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of My Life as a water particle

By Sharen Mahesan

The thunder roaring and lightning is flashing brilliantly across the dark sky, and enormous hailstones are pelting down from the sky with great force now it’s my turn. Sorry, how rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Sharen and I am in the form of a water droplet right now. This is my first time as a raindrop and I am NOT enjoying it. It is quite cold and I am losing the energy I had before. The other particles and I are packed quite loosely. Some of the elders, who had done this all their life, say we are not as attracted as we are in a solid nor are we as tightly packed. I would hate to be that close to everyone, considering the fact that ninety nine percent of us have bad breath. I guess that is the great part of being a liquid, we can slide past each other and swap places.
Diary Entry 1
Today has been quite exciting. I got to rest on my first dust particle. After a while on the dust molecules, I noticed we were casting a shadow on the skyscrapers. Suddenly everyone around me gave a cry of joy. I was so confused, had another raindrop joined our cloud. No, I was wrong like always. Apparently, everyone was so happy as we were now a cloud.
Diary Entry 2
Today was AMAZING!!! I solidified for the first time. The cloud I was on, gave way and we fell down, plummeting into the ground. We fell down so fast, one second, I was a on a cloud, and then I was in an ice cube tray. I think I fainted, since I smelt my brother’s breathe.

Grandpa was right, being a solid is way worse than a liquid. Mum said that being a solid brings us closer together, and she was correct, as always. We were all attracted to each other by strong bonds. At the start is was okay, but after a few hours, we were literally having people’s feet in our mouths. Why did we have to be arranged like this?
Diary Entry 3
My life as a water particle
Diary Entry 4
I learned something new today and I am quite proud of myself. I learned that when you’re a solid you vibrate up and down, and side to side but stay in one position. I am enjoying vibrating because the particles behind me as giving me a massage, since we are tightly packed. I am now starting to enjoy being a solid, since we don’t have much kinetic energy. I hate doing moving around since I am quite lazy and weak.
Dairy Entry 5
Today was very busy. I evaporated and melted. It started off when found myself in something called a kettle. The other particles and I started to part. YES!!! I can have my personal space now. I felt full of energy. I raced around the kettle, I sped past my friends. I love being a gas I thought, I will never be slow again. Suddenly, all my excitement stopped. Something was wrong. My family and I were getting further and further apart. The spaces between me and my family were huge. I heard my mum yell, “have fun Sharen, and hope you have a great life.” I was confused, weren’t they turning into gases as well. Before I could ask them, I figured out the answer. They were going in their own ways. Before I knew it, I was flying out of the kettle and out the window. As I flew closer to the clouds, I knew I would condense, then freeze and then evaporate, again and again.
Thanks for Watching
I hope you enjoyed it...
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