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The Study Of Dentistry

No description

Eleana Sonera

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Study Of Dentistry

The Study Of Dentistry By: Eleana Sonera
Class 9A A Short History Related Occupations Importance Modern vs. Early Dentistry If There Weren't Any
Dentists... Education/Required
Training The first ever-recorded dentist was a man named Hesi-Ri from Egypt. He lived during 3000 B.C and he was often referred to as “King of the Toothers”. And by 2000 B.C China was also practicing dentistry. Around the 2nd century (A.D) the Chinese developed silver amalgam fillings for your teeth. Also, T’ing and Yu Shu from China were able to explain the ENTIRE process of swallowing by the eleventh century. Skipping ahead, Robert Woofendale was one the very first dentists in the Early American Colonies. Isaac Greenwood was also the first-born native dentist in America. Dr. John Baker taught him. From this point on a lot of science was discovered and more complex ideas about the human body were developed. This led to more and more people becoming a lot more educated about their own body, including dental hygiene. Dentistry is a very unique as you must
constantly peer into people’s mouths, whether they are clean or dirty. You also must have a wide range of knowlege about the throat and face area.
But here are some related occupations:
-A Dental Assistant
-A Dental Hygienist
-A Dental Laboratory Technician If there weren’t any dentists then
people would be running around
with rotten teeth, extreme Halitosis
(nasty stinky breath), and other
unwanted things such as Gum
Disease, Mouth Sores, Tooth Decay,
and even Jaw Bone problems. No
one wants these things, and
knowing about the mouth and jaw
area helps us learn a lot more
about the human body. The median expected salary for a typical Orthodontist in the United States is $126,002 per year. The average amount that a Heart Surgeon
in the United States would make is $446,666 per year. And a Cardiothoracic Surgeon in the United
States makes $446,255 per year. I compared orthodontists salary to these other professions because they all have to do with the medical field. It is always best to choose a career in the Medical fields because there will never be the sudden cease for the need of medical help in the world. Each branch is also able to pay good or decent money so you can live on it comfortably. Salary Extreme Calculus Buildup Moderate Gum Disease Periodontal Disease Step 1: College-
Before you can even apply yourself to a dental school you must first have acquired a Bachelors degree. Some schools will accept you if you have a minimum of a 2 year college education. But its best to have a Bachelors or Masters degree with your main studying going towards medical or nursing science. Step 2: Dental SchoolBefore you apply to a dental school all dental students should take the Dental Admission Test or the DAT. Once you have been accepted to a dental school you will probably be in the school for about 4 years and you will earn either a Dental Surgery or a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Step 3: Post-Doctorate Orthodontics Specialty ProgramAfter your done with your dental program then, if you are interested in becoming an orthodontist then you have the option to apply to programs that specialize in dentistry. Most of these programs last about 2 or 3 years. While your in this program you will have the opportunity to learn about many complex skills, such as tooth movement and facial development. Step 4: Orthodontic CertificationAfter you have completed all of your schooling to become an Orthodontist you have the option to receive your Orthodontic Certification. You can get it by passing a test consisting of written and clinical parts. THE END!!
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