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Lone Pine Plantation

Linda Tiffany Joshn

Tiffany Hedrick

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Lone Pine Plantation

Linda Dahlskold Tiffany Hedrick Josh Holland Our Misson: Human Resources:

Wildlife Manager
Contracted guides
2-3 staff

1 head chef
1 cook
2 servers
1 dishwasher/custodian
1 Housekeeping/maintenance
1 therapist for spa (contracted)
Exit Strategy Sell River Lodge off seperately
Sell remaining property as desired

Sell River Lodge off seperately
Sell additional River Cottage seperately
Sell remaining property as desired
Risks Over-estimating demand

Over-estimating pricing

Under-estimating costs

Operations failure Offerings Hunting: Fishing: Quail


Turkey Fresh Water

Salt Water Amenities: Fine Dining


Fitness Center


Tennis Court Offerings Operating Plan Financial Plan A Few Numbers: NPV = $625,612

IRR = 7%

ROI After 10 Years? 53% Assuming NO Interest

15% Assuming HALF Interest

3% Assuming ALL Interest

By providing consistent quality and superior customer service, Lone Pine Plantation will grow to become the premier hunting destination in Georgia. 5 Year Strategy 10 Year Strategy River Lodge 2000 square feet
30' x 40' Deck
Outdoor fireplace

Confrence Room Funding? $250,000 Cash on Hand

Timber Sales
Marketing Plan Direct Mail
Management Plan Operating
Plan Hunting: Hospitality: Target Market: Corporate Clientele

Individuals Families Groups
High-End! All with household
greater than $75,000
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