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A Way Of Reinventing Schools

No description

Desi Ritli

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of A Way Of Reinventing Schools

Reinventing Schools
world is changing new generations brain development schools are
doing worse funding less passion boredom same routine read, take notes,
memorize,& test new technology changing students why hasn't the
educational system
changed? make the educational system fit the student, not force the student to fit the educational system what am I getting at...? let the student decide make the student want to learn there are
intelligences = different
styles 1) visual/spatial
2) verbal/linguistic
3) logical/mathematical
4) bodily/kinesthetic
5) musical/rhythmic
6) interpersonal
7) intrapersonal does sitting in a classroom, taking notes, memorizing, and testing fit all 7? design a school for student multiples of the same lass but designed for each learning style everyone learns the same material but in the beast way fit How it will work elementary *learn basics math
*teachers pay close attention to each studentin order to find the strengths and weaknesses of each student *records will be kept and shared with parents to help decide the best learning style for the child middle *student is given more choices *meeting with teacher, parent, & student to decide what is best. no smart and dumb
there will be an area everyone is good at, & others they are not high school *rang of classes with different teaching styles *pick what is fit for him/her self *for the next 4 years it will help gear students towards their career path Crazy free for all?
...NO *every brain is differnt, laid out different, built different
*different neuron paths NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY B/C THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!! Sources on Learning Differently *http://www.centerforlearningdifferences.org/
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