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Candice Brown

No description

candice brown

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Candice Brown

Candice Brown
Cultural Appreciation
Topics of Discussion
1)What it Means to Me
2)Other Races/Ethnicities
3)Accepting Others
4)Our Differences
What It Means to Me
It is very important to me and i care about it very much.
Other Races/Ethnicities
I don't care what race or ethnicites your are from because i like all people i don't look at no one differently.
Accepting Others
I accept others no matter what i treat all people the same because, i respect them.
Our Differences
Just because, we are different from one another that means we don't have to treat them different from us.
I think that we should celebrate cultural appreciation.The reason i think we should celebrate is because just because we are different from others don mean that we have to treat them differently because its not fair for others.We can from other cultures and they can things we never knew and we can teach them things we never new that is why this is so important to me.
Seen By : Katelyn Robertson
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