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English 9

No description

Kelly Parra

on 3 September 2018

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Transcript of English 9

From Glendora, CA (LA suburbs)
Graduated from CSU Monterey Bay
B.A. in Integrated Studies: Business Administration and Public Art
Graduated from Azusa Pacific University
M.A.Ed. (Master's in Education)
CA Teaching Credential in English
Taught for 2 years in Parlier
Came to Clovis East for the 2015-16 SY
Who am I?
My Beliefs as a Teacher
Every student can learn! And every student learns in their own way.
Every student deserves a classroom free of distractions that fosters a safe learning environment.
Every student deserves my time and attention.
Every student needs structure, rules, and discipline.
Every child deserves care.
Class Policies
Weekly Tasks: Students are assigned a weekly task on Sunday through Google Classroom and have until the end of Saturday of the same week to complete it.
Cell phones and headphones are not necessary to this class; any out during class without permission will be confiscated - parent is notified
Attendance is necessary; tardiness is unacceptable and school policies are enforced
All assignments have clear due dates; late assignments can be submitted up until the end of the unit for 70% maximum credit
Clovis is Awesome
Last year...

CUSD had the second highest scores in the state of California on our end of the year Smarter Balanced test (compared to districts with over 20,000 students). Our students, staff and parents continue to work hard and this is evident by our outstanding results!

Clovis East was honored by being named to the US News and World Report top high schools list for the very first time.

Reyburn was recognized as a National Schools to Watch for the third time. This is the top honor a junior high school can earn. Currently, all five junior high schools in CUSD hold this honor. Both of these are outstanding accomplishments for our school and district.
With Mrs. Parra
English 9
Grading / Touchstones
Weighted categories place emphasis on what is important: Classwork 40%, Writing 35%, Assessments 15%, Participation 10%
Touchstone Assignments:
There will be 3 “touchstone” assignments, 1 in the first semester and 2 in the second semester. All thouchstone assignments MUST be completed, with a C or better, in order to receive a passing grade for the class. A student who does not fully complete one or more of these assignments, regardless of their percentage, will receive a grade of Incomplete (I) until the assignment is turned in. Note- an Incomplete grade will turn into an F two weeks after grades are posted
Key assignments students are expected to complete and are tied directly to state standards.
Mastery Grading:
Measures students skill performance instead of completion rate
Stay Connected!
Grades are updated a minimum of once per week
Class Progress Reports are emailed home between each grading period only if a student is failing or in danger of failing (a letter grade of D or below)
Parent Connect: http://rec.cusd.com/students-parents/parent-connect/
Class Dojo: Parent Codes available through email
Contact Mrs. Parra: KellyParra@CSUD.com
Thank you!

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