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Didactic unit: The Weather

No description

Sara Ribela Alcalá

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Didactic unit: The Weather

My didactic unit is about
the weather
and the title is
Enjoying the Weather.
Is for children
years old and skills that I will work are:
Listening and Speaking.

In this didactic unit I want to work: the values.

The assessment this didactic unit will be continued by observation. Will be done
Activity is : Listening and repeating vocabulary with Flash cards
The vocabulary are:
Grammar is
in present simple
For example:
How's the weather?
It's sunny
It's Rainy...
The phonetic
that I will work is:
tormy and

Team work
Listening attitude
Care materials
Assessment Criteria:
before starting the learning unit to find out what children know.
During this unit.
And the end to see if goals have been achieved.
In the presentation session:
FIRST the teacher will show the vocabulary with flash card. With every flash card the teacher will make a gesture that children should imitate.
For example:
SECOND the teacher will show the flash cards and make the appropriate gesture and children should imitate the gesture and say the word.
The necessary material for this activity will be:
Flash cards
Grouping is whole class
In the practice session:
Activity is: My friend Lisa and her song
In this activity the main character is Lisa.
Previously the teacher will make a panel time with Lisa and interchangeable clothing.
FIRST the teacher will present to Lisa and say why Lisa likes the weather.
For example:

After children have to put Lisa clothes that go well with the weather. For example if we choose it is snowing, children should put a coat Lisa.
SECOND the teacher will teach the song: How's the weather?
It's an easy song, the teacher asks: How's the weather? Show the flash card and children answer the question. For example: It's sunny.

The necessary material for his activity will be:
Laminated panel time
Interchangeable clothing
Flash cards
Song: How's the weather?
Music player or computer
Grouping is whole class
In the production session:
Activity is: Guess the weather
When the teacher says: Rainy, children should change the arrow to rain. The teacher asks: How's the weather? and children should answer: it's rainy.
The necessary material for this activity will be:
Circular cardboard
Paper arrows
Pictures of weather
Grouping are individual and whole class
In this activity the teacher will explain to students that they will make a very fun time poster.
Sara Ribela Alcalá
The teacher will give them a circle divided into six parts and drawings (sunny, windy, snowy, cloudy, rainy, and stormy) that they should paint, trim and paste in each circle space. Then the teacher will give them an arrow should engage in the center of the circle and it can rotate.
Didactic unit:
Enjoying the Weather
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