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No description

Kymberlee Kaye Raya

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of LinkedIn

LinkedIn For Realtors® Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations &
Social Media Consulting & Management & Speaker/Trainer
Clients Include:
Mortgage Services III, LLC, Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets, Epic Air Trampoline Park, ReMax Action, ReMax Destiny, Ancona Jewelers, Home State Bank, Pizza Bella, Venuti’s Ristorante & Bangquets, Infiniti Realtors, The Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals, www.kidwinks.com, Lakeside Mortgage, & The Lakeside Group, Mainstreet Organization of Realtors About Kymberlee Kaye Raya
15 years marketing experience
Masters in Marketing – Brand Identity Are agents succeeding
in social media? 75%
44% 3X It's no secret that networking is crucial in business, and social media networking can be a great way to expand your sphere of influence and generate new business.
We still need to connect and build relationships
The handshake still goes miles… Did you know? Over 80% of small business owners say they often get new customers based on word of mouth.
80% of your NEW business will come from the people that already know LOVE you?
It takes 30-40% more TIME, ENERGY, $ to get a NEW customer.
What’s your marketing drip campaign? Prospects are…
And scared to death of making a mistake! Today’s Customer Climate. 1980
Fewer ads…
Reached more people…
with undivided attention Marketing Has Changed MORE ads…
Reaching fewer people
Paying less attention 2012 It’s FREE, Fast & Viral!
…AND YES, CUSTOMER ACQUISITION, TOO. Why Should I be on LinkedIn? 411 on LinkedIn Credits: Amodiovalerio Verde LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS – JAN 2012 MEMBERS DISTRIBUTION BY AREA Credits: Amodiovalerio Verde * This number is an approximation of total member registrations LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS – JAN 2012
LINKEDIN MEMBERS WORLDWIDE Credits: Amodiovalerio Verde In TOP 10 countries there is 79% of all LinkedIn members

40% of all LinkedIn members, reside in the United States LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS – JAN 2012 TOP 10 COUNTRIES LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS – JAN 2012 SENIORITY WORLDWIDE Credits: Amodiovalerio Verde * This number is an approximation of total member registrations LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS – JAN 2012
LINKEDIN MEMBERS WORLDWIDE Professionals leverage LinkedIn to build networks
Trusted as B2B platform
Connect with individuals, groups, businesses and partners
Share insight, build credibility and be a resource
Start building trust LinkedIn is the Choice Network Professional Networking site
NOT a backyard bbq
Old school manners apply
Be polite
Stand up straight
LinkedIn means BUSINESS What is the Difference? From Facebook? Twitter? Google+? Is your profile filled out to it’s fullest?
Did you fill in the “Summary”?
Does it attract the right client?
Does it show your personality?
“Honors & Awards” – did you fill it in?!
I’m yelling at you – AREN’T I!? What Do You Expect People to Do!? What type of customers are you going to attract? BAD EXAMPLE Custom URL 68.6% 80.5% Your PROFILE APPLICATIONS SlideShare For Realtors who know how to make PowerPoint presentations to creatively offer tutorials, house tours, and so on, the SlideShare app is a fantastic way to share that content to the LinkedIn audience. The SlideShare app adds another multimedia experience to further engage the realtor’s audience. LinkedIn Ads An affordable and effective way to advertise a Realtor’s services is through LinkedIn Ads, which can be targeted by location and a variety of other criteria. Success with LinkedIn Ads comes with patience and testing.
Realtors who find success advertising on LinkedIn are usually the ones that don’t give up after a single attempt. Rofo Real Estate Pro Use Real Estate Pro as a real estate professional to:
Feature property listings and promote client transactions on your Linkedin profile.
Share your work and completed deals with your business connections
Track your market, create a following, and develop new business. There’s nothing preventing you from using SEO-friendly keywords as the unique URL for your profile.
If you don’t know how to do this tastefully, it might be best to just stick to a variation of your name, a description of your line of work, or the name of your company in the user-defined part of your profile’s URL. CONNECTIONS Write a PERSONAL Note Use first name - Correctly!
Follow up with each new connection
Ask how you can REFER them business
Thank them after they accept Go to "My Connections" to view a list of all your LinkedIn contacts.

At the bottom of the page click "Export Connections," this will put all this contact info in a format suitable for your address book (Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Constant Contact etc.).

Start “dripping on them” (Constant Contact, MailChimp etc…) NEXT LEVEL Marketing with Your Connections Contacts>Connections>Export NEXT LEVEL MARKETING RECOMMENDATIONS Pay it forward
Promote the work others have done
A colleague who has helped you out
Presentations you attended
When someone does something awesome! WHY RECOMMEND? DO YOUR HOMEWORK GROUPS! GROUP STATISTICS Be a leader
Give back
Start your own group
YOU become the leader
YOU control content
Build credibility for YOU Inc. Why I LOVE GROUPS! Do NOT sell your services
Do NOT spam in groups
Use groups to answer questions
Offer advice
Use groups to take steps towards being someone people know, like and trust
Get on groups that you are passionate about and are not real estate related Remember! COPY & PASTE THE URL Fix that profile
Post to your profile daily
Make connections
Join Groups and participate
Read the weekly digest for some article that you can put on your real estate website
Ask Questions or Answer a few!
Follow up Follow up Follow up!
Remind your universe you are on LinkedIn (i.e. email signature, blog, website, business card) NOW WHAT KYMBERLEE? QUESTIONS!? Thank You.
www.linkedin.com/in/kymberleeraya FUNNY! Launch
Build Credibility
Build Trust
Follow UP Success Formula with Social Media 43.9% of the people who make over 100K update their social media at a minimum of 1x per day. 74.6% have a Facebook business page Google+ is one of the fastest growing social platforms but still in it’s infancy. Out of the agents we surveyed who made over 100K, 68.6% are on G+ so they are early adopters Conclusion here is that agents making over 100K are clearly embracing social media and doing so in a very strategic way.
For the first time ever - we can correlate social media investment in time and resources as a success - because the agents who are embracing it and making more than 3x the national average. GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS Optimize It. HA HA HA! 3. 1. 2. We see a huge opportunity in video 80.5% of the people we surveyed who made over 100K are on YouTube - this is huge! And 94.2% are on LinkedIn
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