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Masculinist Men's Movement: Free Men

No description

Giovanni Haughton

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Masculinist Men's Movement: Free Men

Men's Movements
Time Period of Movement
Free Men founded in 1977 in Maryland, Columbia
Formerly called the National Coalition of Free Men
1981 Name changed to National Coalition for Men

Mythopoetic Movement born in response to NCFM
Late 80's - Early 90's

Promise Keepers emerged in response to Mythopoetic Movement

The Birth of the Movement
Founded in January 1977
Richard Haddad, Dennis Gilbert, Allan Scheib and Allen Foreman
Free Men Philosophy
List of 26 items from which he felt men should be freed
1st male support groups

National Coalition for Men in 1981
Tom Williamson & Naomi Penner

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Aims to restore men's pride in being 'real men"

Key People
Harry Crouch, President; Marc Angelucci, Vice-President; Al Rava, Secretary; Deborah Watkins
Purpose of NCFM
Laws / Social Change
Mythopoetic Men
Type(s) of Activism Implemented
Social Change Created Via Rhetoric
Effectiveness of Men's Movements
"Masculinist believe that men suffer from discrimination because of their sex and that men need to reclaim their manliness" (Mansfield, 2007)

Masculinists discredit gay men's rights and value traditional forms of masculinity
Father's 4 Justice

2 public rhetorical strategies to raise public awareness of custody rights of divorced fathers

1 strategy - perform dramatic stunts to attract publicity

2nd strategy - humor which is often mixed into the dramatic stunts
Used strategies from lobbying to reform of laws that they claim discriminate against men

Father's Rights
Father's 4 Justice (England)
2005 class action custody suits were filed by father's rights groups in 40 out of 50 states

"These suits argue that a father has a constitutional right to be a parent and thus, he is guaranteed nothing less than 50% of the time with his children" (Dominus, 2005).

Key Questions
Founder (Robert Bly)
Late 80's - Early 90's

"Aims to foster men's personal growth, wholeness, and bonding in all male gatherings" (Bonnett et al, 1996)

To rediscover the deep mythic roots of masculine thinking and feeling which they believe will restore men to spiritual, emotional, and intellectual wholeness (Keen, 1991)
Social Groups (Nature retreats)

Promise Keepers
Founded by Bill McCartney
Believed that men had fallen away from their responsibilities as men
Based on religion (God)
Homosexuality is a sin and gays lead immoral lives

Both groups are elitist's upper-middle class whites
These men's movements primarily aimed to build a patriarchal society,

Has dictated the gender roles that are communicated to the masses through media outlets

Teaches us to value macho, rugged, tough, performances of masculinity

Discredits any other gender performance

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